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Fill Canisters is a short task in Among Us, featured on Polus.


The player must drag the canister to the airway to fill it up with gas, then pull it away from the airway once full by tapping or clicking on it. This must be repeated for the second canister.

If the player leaves the task after filling the first canister, the task will not be reset. Instead, the text in the task list will become yellow just like any other partially completed task. However, if a canister is not fully filled and the player exits the task, the canister will need to be filled again.


  • The text on the canisters reads "O2 - CANISTER TYPE 2-J", implying that the canisters are filled with oxygen.



The sound played when the player grabs the canister.
The sound played when the player lets go of the canister.
The sound played when the canister is plugged in.
The sound played when the canister is plugged out.
The sound played as the canister is being filled.