Fix Lights is a Sabotage in Among Us that creates an emergency. It is available on all three currently available maps. It is started using the lights button on the Sabotage screen.


While the Fix Lights Sabotage is active, the vision of living Crewmates is greatly reduced. Impostors and ghosts are unaffected. Security is also unaffected by this Sabotage.

The message "Fix Lights (%x)."—blinking red and yellow—appears at the bottom of the task list of every player, including Impostors. The percentage starts at %100, but quickly decreases down to %0.

Due to being a Sabotage, players cannot press the emergency button until the Sabotage is resolved, and Impostors cannot create another Sabotage until the cooldown after this emergency is fixed ends.

During Fix Lights, anywhere from one to five of the five switches on the lights panel will be flipped off. To resolve Fix Lights, all switches on the lights panel must be flipped to on. When a switch is flipped to on, the light underneath it will become green. Once the Sabotage is resolved, the panel window will automatically close. Switches turned on can be flipped off, which is not what Crewmates should do. Impostors can flip them off to slow down resolving the Sabotage, but will draw suspicion if they are the only non-verified player at the panel and a Crewmate sees switches being flipped off.

Like all other Sabotages, any living player can resolve the Sabotage. All players share the same set of switches, so if multiple players toggle the same switch, it will be flipped multiple times, potentially turning the switch off immediately after it is turned on.

On The Skeld and Polus, the lights panel is located in Electrical. On MIRA HQ, it is located in Office. Reporting a dead body does not resolve Fix Lights, similarly to Comms Sabotaged.


Description Audio
The sound played when the player flips the switch


Fix Lights is a great Sabotage to use for Impostors to kill Crewmates without others seeing the murder. However, Impostors should be wary, as all other abilities can still be used during Fix Lights.



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