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Fix Shower is a short task in Among Us, featured on The Airship.


In Fix Shower, the player must enter the shower room in Showers and use the leftmost shower. They must then use a mallet to hit the shower head and change its direction in an attempt to make it face forward. When the player holds down the mallet button or clicks on the shower head, it charges a meter at the bottom of the screen. If the player holds after the meter fills up completely, it will start depleting until it empties, then increase again. When the player releases, the force of the hit depends on how full the meter was. If the shower head is hit too hard, it will become wonky again and the player must hit it the other way. Finally, when the showerhead is facing forwards, the task is completed.



The sound played when swinging the mallet.
The sounds played when hitting the showerhead.