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Fix Weather Node is a short or long task in Among Us, featured on Polus.


Stage 1

The player has to go to one of six weather nodes placed Outside (Node_CA, Node_TB, Node_IRO, Node_PD, Node_GI, and Node_MLG) and move their cursor through a randomly generated maze, starting at the top left and ending at the bottom right. If the player releases the node or goes into a dead end, they have to restart the maze from the beginning.

The location of each node is as follows:

  • Node_CA: South of the path leading to the eastern Seismic Stabilizer.
  • Node_TB: West of Communications; south-east of Electrical.
  • Node_IRO: Near the southern entrance to O2; south-west of Weapons.
  • Node_PD: South of the western enterance to Office; south-east of Weapons.
  • Node_GI: North of Communications; near the center of the map.
  • Node_MLG: North of the lava pit; near a vent.

Stage 2

Once the end of the maze is reached, the player must go to Laboratory and switch on the weather node that was fixed.


  • The abbreviations of the weather nodes Node_CA, Node_TB, Node_IRO, Node_PD, and Node_GI are referencing the endings of the Henry Stickmin game Fleeing the Complex, those being Convict Allies, The Betrayed, International Rescue Operative, Presumed Dead, and Ghost Inmate, respectively.
  • The abbreviation of the weather node Node_MLG is a reference to Major League Gaming and the failure in Fleeing the Complex during the Convict Allies route when choosing the Sniper Rifle and the Crossbow.
  • The task type for each of the nodes is determined by the distance between the node and Laboratory.
    • Node_CA and Node_MLG are considered short due to their proximity to Laboratory, while the rest are considered long.
  • The switches correspond to the nodes fixed. So if a (already suspicious) player seems to have completed the task, they can be asked which switch they pressed in the Laboratory. If they name the switch corresponding to the correct node, they are probably a Crewmate. Otherwise, they are most likely An Impostor.
    • One can counteract this by memorizing the order of the switches, as they are the same every time.
  • The Fix Weather Node task is the only task that does not indicate its location. Instead, it indicates the node's abbreviations.



The sound played as the player is moving the node.
The sound played as the switch is being flipped.