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I was with Green, Lime, and Olive.
This article might not be what you’re looking for, and should not be confused with Green, Lime, and Olive.

"Fortegreen" is the default color, used for players who either don't send or send an invalid color to the server. Normally, when this bug happens, it also fails to send their username over, which is what results in the "???" name bug. In older versions of the game, "ForteBass" was the default name instead, coined after Innersloth's programmer.

—Buttery Stancakes#9593, Innersloth Discord senior moderator

Fortegreen is a color that cannot be selected through the wardrobe. The color is assigned to each player shortly before they connect. Players as Fortegreen have the name "???", as the color was used for connecting players before the 2020.9.22 update. Players may see the name or color for a split second when another player joins. As of version 2021.2.21, Fortegreen's color ID was removed from the code so it cannot be accessed that way in most places, causing the player to revert to the lowest color ID. The exception is the accounts card and the wardrobe on the main menu.

Color values

#26A662 38, 166, 98 148°, 77%, 65%

#123F1C 18, 63, 28 133°, 71%, 25%

#030B05 3, 11, 5 135°, 73%, 4%


  • Fortegreen's name may be based on ForteBass's name.
  • Originally, connecting players had the name "ForteBass".
  • Fortegreen is the only color not to weigh 92 pounds; instead weighing 132 pounds.
  • Fortegreen is the only color that appears as other colors in Among Us.
  • Fortegreen was used as Green as seen in the Among Us trailer, and was most likely named "Fortegreen" as Green was named "Forte".
  • Fortegreen is easily confusable with Green as they are quite similar, due to Fortegreen being replaced by Green.
  • Playing as Fortegreen in Freeplay results in many side effects.
    • The emergency meeting interface never appears correctly positioned on-screen. This is due to the player's camera not scrolling to the emergency button, as it would in a standard game.
    • Pressing the emergency button does not close the interface automatically, but doing so manually shows a saturated icon of Yellow as the only player, named "WWWWWWWWWW". Opening the chat and kick menus behave as normal, but the displayed character's full body appears as long as they are open. Clicking the button to skip plays the standard sound effect, but no additional buttons to confirm appear. The text "yoyooy" also appears in the lower-right corner.
    • Fortegreen cannot run Submit Scan, and attempting to do so prompts the response "Scan Requested". Their color and ID appear as the color the unglitched Crewmate would appear as.
    • Neither the personal map nor Sabotage menu can be opened.
    • When viewing Vitals, they appear as Fortegreen visually but have the ID of White.
    • Fortegreen does not have a displayed name in Scan Boarding Pass.
    • Fortegreen cannot finish Upload Data.
    • Fortegreen may sometimes have a white balloon when wearing the balloon hat.
  • A player may become Fortegreen if they select a color as someone with that color joins.
  • Fortegreen's messages in the lobby chat do not appear for themselves, but other players can see them. Their messages may be visible to themselves after a random period of time, however.
  • In the loading screen, a Fortegreen Mini Crewmate will appear running across the screen.
  • Before version 2021.6.30, when the photos in the Develop Photos task are developed and are waiting to be taken out of the water, the Crewmate that appears in the photos is a Fortegreen Crewmate.
  • When Fortegreen equips a Mini Crewmate or a Crewmate hat, it becomes Red instead of Fortegreen.
  • Fortegreen's icon in chat is sometimes the same as Red's.
  • Fortegreen is the only color that can have a symbol other than a number as part of a name, due to being called '???'.
    • It is also the only color whose name cannot be changed.
  • Despite having "???" as its name, when Fortegreen is ejected, the message that appears says "was (not) The/An Impostor".
  • Whenever an update is made to Among Us, Fortegreen will appear doing the download data task.[needs testing]
  • Fortegreen is shown when buying items in the shop or in Cosmicubes to allow players to preview cosmetics before buying them.
  • Fortegreen is shown with the name "Item Name" when viewed in the wardrobe from the main menu.


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