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Freeplay is a game mode in Among Us selectable on the main menu. It is currently the only single-player mode in the game and does not require internet connection to be played.


In Freeplay, the player is free to explore any map outside of a regular game environment. Several "dummy" Crewmates are positioned around the map and do not move or act in any way, other than by randomly voting. A laptop can be accessed near the emergency button, which allows for the player to customize their tasks freely, as well as whether or not they are An Impostor. All abilities from the classic game, such as Sabotaging and reporting, are usable.

Freeplay is an excellent way to practice routes as both a Crewmate and An Impostor, a player should always take advantage of what they can do on each map and plan the best ways to use this to their advantage. Playing this mode can help increase players' chances of victory during a typical play session. However, when all players are killed, all tasks are completed, a critical Sabotage's countdown ended, or when all the players are voted out, all "dummy" Crewmates and tasks will be reset. It is often considered a "training mode".


  • Freeplay is currently the only mode with non-player characters.
  • When an emergency meeting is called, or a dead body is reported, all "dummy" Crewmates automatically either vote any living character or skip voting without sending messages in the chat. This can result in the player being ejected and "dummy" Crewmates voting for themselves.
  • In Freeplay, there are six "dummy" Crewmates on both The Skeld and MIRA HQ, and four "dummy" Crewmates on Polus.
  • The "dummy" Crewmates' colors in order from Dummy 1 to Dummy 6 are Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, and Yellow. In Freeplay on Polus, the color order is the same other than the fact that there is only Dummy 1, 2, 3, and 4.
    • The order of the "dummy" Crewmates is the same as the order colors are listed when customizing one's color.
    • If the player is one of the colors used by a "dummy" Crewmate, the color order of the "dummy" Crewmates will stay the same but include the player's color within the order. Dummy 6 will become Black in Freeplay on The Skeld and MIRA HQ, following the colors' order when customizing one's color.
  • Freeplay is currently the only mode where a player can switch from a Crewmate to An Impostor and vice versa.
  • Because the game starts right away without the starting scene, players cannot change their character's appearance while in Freeplay and will default to their appearance in their last game.
  • When critical Sabotage is called, venting within one second before the time runs out causes The Impostor to be invisible. Killing a Crewmate or venting will result in the appearance of The Impostor.
    • The Impostor can move freely while in this state, and the arrows are still shown. The Impostor can jump out of any vent, including ones not in the current vent chain.
    • If their role is switched back to Crewmate, they can vent, but only the group of vents they entered to create the glitch. The venting animation does not show, but the player is teleported to the other vent/s they pressed the arrows to get to.
  • The "dummy" Crewmates can eject the player out and if they are a Crewmate, this allows them to play as a ghost.
  • "Dummy" is on the name blacklist, likely to avoid confusion with Freeplay dummy Crewmates.
  • The Reactor Meltdown, Reset Seismic Stabilizers, and the Comms Sabotaged (on MIRA HQ) cannot be fixed in Freeplay unless a body is reported.
  • The computer where players can customize their tasks is called the Task Tester 2000.
  • Pressing the emergency meeting button as Fortegreen in Freeplay will result in a softlock.
  • The game options are not interchangeable as to a typical lobby.
  • In Freeplay, if the player is a ghost and becomes An Impostor via customize, the game will reset everything to its standard state and resurrect the player. However, the player's task list will say both "Sabotage and kill everyone" and "You are dead. Finish your tasks to win." If they switch back to a Crewmate, the task list will still say that the player is dead even though they are not.


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