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Fuel Engines is a short or long task in Among Us, featured on all four currently available maps.


Stage 1

On The Skeld and Polus, the task requires the player to first go to the refuel station in Storage and fill their gas can by holding the silver button to the right of the can. The player must then fuel the Upper Engine on The Skeld or the engine located Outside to the right of Dropship on Polus.

On MIRA HQ, the player fuels the engine directly at Launchpad and there is no second stage.

On The Airship, the player needs to go to the refuel station in Cargo Bay, then refuel one of the engines in Engine Room. The specific engine that must be fueled is chosen at random. Therefore, this action is not required to be done twice like on The Skeld and Polus.

Stage 2

On The Skeld and Polus, the player has to refill the can back at the refuel station in Storage, then fuel the Lower Engine on The Skeld, or the engine located Outside to the left of Dropship on Polus.


  • In both stages of Fuel Engines, a red light lights up when filling up either the gas can or the engine itself.
    • Once either the gas can or the engine is filled, a green light lights up, and the task screen disappears.
  • In the second stage of Fuel Engines, on either The Skeld or Polus, the gas can is shown to be emptied when the engine is filled.
  • If a player exits this task midway through completion, their progress will be saved.
    • However, the task will still have the same color on the task list.
  • Although the task is called "Fuel Engines", the player only needs to fuel one engine on The Airship.
  • Fuel Engines is one of only three tasks that are available on all four maps, with the others being Fix Wiring and Empty Garbage.



The sound played as the player is filling the tank.
The sound played as the player is refueling the engine.