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This article is for the role.
For the optional role, see Guardian Angel.
Alternatively, for the nameplate, see Ghosts.

Ghosts are players who have been killed by An Impostor or ejected by other players. Both Crewmates and Impostors can be ghosts.


Ghosts have no collision (aside from the invisible wall at the edge of the map) and can freely travel through walls. They are invisible to both living Crewmates and Impostors but can be seen by other ghosts. They also have unlimited vision, which is not restricted by walls, the photo room in Main Hall on The Airship or Fix Lights. They are slightly faster than living players. Ghosts cannot assist during any Sabotages, such as Reactor Meltdown or Oxygen Depleted. However, the arrows will still point towards the Sabotage.

Ghosts can see and use the chat simultaneously, even outside of emergency meetings. They can view messages from living players, though theirs can only be observed by other ghosts. This allows ghosts to chat with each other throughout the game, although ghosts cannot vote or kick other players during emergency meetings. They also cannot report bodies or use the emergency button. When the voting tablet pops up, it will have a crack on the screen.

Ghost Crewmates can still complete their tasks. However, Submit Scan will not give a visual cue. This is most likely to prevent Impostors from pretending they are scanning and Crewmates from becoming confused. However, the name that appears when another person is already scanning will be still present.

Ghost Impostors can Sabotage, but they cannot use vents or kill Crewmates.

If the role is enabled in the lobby options, the first Crewmate to become a ghost will instead manifest as a Guardian Angel, who can temporarily Protect living players from being killed.



Ghost Crewmates must complete their given tasks, similar to their living counterparts, to fill the task bar. Once all Crewmates, including ghosts, finish their tasks, the game ends with a Crewmate victory.


Ghost Impostors must aid their fellow Impostors by Sabotaging to help achieve a victory for The Impostors.



Ghost Crewmates can still complete tasks and use abilities, such as Security. However, ghosts cannot resolve any Sabotages. During emergency meetings, ghosts cannot chat with living players or cast votes. This is likely to prevent ghosts from easily giving away The Impostor.


Ghosts can use Admin, although they can only see living players, and dead bodies on the map, through it.


Ghosts, similar to living players, can still access Security. However, the red light that flashes on cameras do not show unless a living player is also on Security.


When An Impostor is ejected, they can still Sabotage to help living Impostors. They cannot enter a vent or kill Crewmates, however.


Guardian Angels can Protect living players by casting a shield that prevents them from being killed.

Ghost Chat

Ghosts can use the chat at any time to send and receive messages with other ghosts. Living players are unable to view ghosts' messages, although ghosts can view living players' messages. Ghosts cannot vote to eject or kick other players, although they still see the voting results. The chat does not help the ghosts achieve a victory and is primarily used to talk to other ghosts and watch live players.


  • In a previous version of the game, the automatic doors in Balcony on MIRA HQ open for ghosts and can be seen opening by living players. However, this does not happen on the Nintendo Switch edition.
  • Ghosts still give off visual cues in most visual tasks if visual tasks are on. These include Empty Garbage and Prime Shields on The Skeld, and Clear Asteroids on both The Skeld and Polus.
  • If a ghost is completing Submit Scan, living players with the task must wait for them to finish.
  • After the game has finished, the victory scene will display both ghosts and the winning team's living players.
  • Impostor ghosts cannot exist unless the game options are set to have at least two Impostors. This also applies in Freeplay because the game resets when this happens.
    • In Freeplay, if the player is resurrected due to a reset, the player's task list will say both "Sabotage and kill everyone." and "You are dead. Finish your tasks to win." If they switch back to a Crewmate, the task list will still say that the player is dead even though they are not.
  • The ghost of a dead Crewmate can be seen for one frame after death.
  • Ghosts are the only players who have access to the chat outside of emergency meetings and the lobby.
  • Ghosts can still see Sabotage indicators, although they cannot fix any Sabotages.
  • There is an unused text string in Among Us's game files that presumably would have been used for ghosts: "You're dead. Enjoy the chaos."
  • This is the only role currently in-game that does not have a respective banner.
  • Although ghosts cannot report dead bodies, they still have a report button. However, it is not usable.
  • Being a ghost affects any cosmetics worn:
    • Hats and visor cosmetics become translucent separately, so parts of the character obscured by the cosmetic while alive become visible.
      • There is a bug where this also happens to the chat icons of living players from ghosts' perspectives.
    • Any skins worn while alive do not appear on the ghost.
    • Pets do not follow ghosts. Instead, they stay where the dead body was or at the spawn point, depending on whether their owner was killed or ejected.
  • Ghosts are the only characters to have been redesigned twice.