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This article is for the location on MIRA HQ.
For the location on The Skeld and Polus that serves a similar purpose, see O2.

Greenhouse is a location in Among Us on MIRA HQ.


Greenhouse is a tall room with pots full of shrubs, flowers, plants, and a large oxygen filter with a tree inside. The roof contains several dry plants that sway slowly, and a vent is located behind the filter. The floor is entirely made of some transparent material (possibly glass). There are panels on the left and right of Greenhouse for the Accept Diverted Power and the second stage of the Water Plants tasks, respectively. There are also two panels on the oxygen filter used for the Oxygen Depleted Sabotage, as well as the Clean O2 Filter task.



Name Stages Task Type
Water Plants 2 of 2 Long
Accept Diverted Power 2 of 2 Long
Clean O2 Filter 1 of 1 Short
Fix Wiring 2-3 of 3 Common



There is a vent located behind the glass tube in the center of the room that connects to the rest of the vents, the nearest leading directly to Office and Admin.


Oxygen Depleted

Main article: Oxygen Depleted

Impostors can Sabotage Greenhouse, which causes Oxygen Depleted. Players will have 45 seconds to enter a code into two panels, one in Greenhouse and the other in the hallway to the right of Launchpad. The Crewmates will lose if the Sabotage is not resolved in time.


  • Greenhouse is the northernmost room on MIRA HQ.
  • Greenhouse is the only room that has a semi-circle-like shape on MIRA HQ.
  • The floor of the Greenhouse is used for the nameplate The Sky Below.



The main setting sound of Greenhouse.