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This article is for the role with the Protect ability.
For the any dead character without the Protect ability, see Ghost.

The Guardian Angel is a role in Among Us. It is based on the Crewmate role with the added ability to cast a protective shield around a living player as a ghost.


The primary goal of the Guardian Angel is the same as a standard Crewmate. However, as a ghost, they must Protect their fellow Crewmates from being killed by An Impostor. If An Impostor tries to kill a protected Crewmate, a shield will appear and crack, preventing the Crewmate from being killed.

Becoming a Guardian Angel

Depending on the probability, the first Crewmate who becomes a ghost (either by being killed by An Impostor or being ejected) becomes a Guardian Angel.

  • Depending on the number of Guardian Angels set by the host in the lobby options, each subsequent Crewmate who becomes a ghost will also become a Guardian Angel until the maximum number of Guardian Angels set by the host is reached.



Main article: Protect

The protect icon.

As a ghost, the Guardian Angel has access to the Protect ability, which allows them to cast a protective shield around any living player for a limited time. The shield prevents Crewmates from being killed by Impostors.


Main article: Use

The use icon.

A Guardian Angel can use for a variety of interactions. The most common interaction is to activate and complete tasks. Use is in the bottom right corner of the screen, and can be replaced by Security, Admin, Vitals, or Doorlog when near the appropriate panel.


Options for the role can be set in the lobby options.

The number and chance of a Crewmate to have the Guardian Angel role.
Protect Cooldown
How long until the Guardian Angel can cast another shield.
Protect Duration
How long the shield lasts after being cast.
Protect Visible to Impostors
Whether the shield is visible to Impostors or not.


  • There is a role reveal screen for this role. This is to prevent the game from crashing should An Impostor kill a Crewmate during the role reveal (which is not possible in normal gameplay). There is no sound when this role screen appears.
  • When there are multiple players around the Guardian Angel, the closest one to the Guardian Angel will be protected.
  • The Guardian Angel can protect any player regardless of their role, including Impostors.