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This article is the strategy section for Admin.
You can add more strategies to this page. However, it must be related to the abilities and characteristics of Among Us. If not, your strategy will be removed.


  • If the number of icons in the room blinks (one or more icons disappear and reappear very quickly), it could mean that someone has been killed in the room.
    • If there are only two people in a room, an icon blinks, and then the body gets reported quickly, it's very likely a self-report. However, if another player is dead, you should always ask where the body was, in case it was a different body that was reported.
  • The Admin map can be used to verify players' current locations, providing useful evidence when deciding on who to eject.
  • Using Admin, you can use this against Impostors who lie about their current positions and verify other Crewmates who maintained their positions in specific locations.
  • The Admin map doesn't show players in corridors whatsoever, so it is impossible for one to leave a room and reappear in another instantly if the two rooms are linked with a corridor. Therefore, if a player disappears from one room and another appears in another room with a connected vent instantly, they are likely An Impostor using a vent. However, they can also be an Engineer.
    • The Admin map gives all Crewmates and Impostors anonymity, so it will be difficult for you to be certain of who is venting. However, it can help if you ask everyone where they were because you can make sure it wasn't them if you saw a player in the location they said they were.
    • Memorizing the vent routes can help in determining who may have vented. If you see someone vent on the Admin map, wait a few seconds to see if they vent somewhere else, then go check who exits. Whomever you find is likely An Impostor, or probably an innocent Engineer. On MIRA HQ, this would be more difficult since all the vents are connected, and it would take much longer to go to the area where they exited.
    • This only works when there is only one Impostor left. If someone is in Admin or Cockpit with you and you see someone venting on the Admin map, the player in your room is a Crewmate.
  • When viewing Admin, if a player stays in a specific room for a long time, especially a room without or with very short tasks, they are likely dead, and you should go to the location to see if you can report a body.
  • When you check Admin, and there are more players in the room than you see, you can see the whole room, which means someone is in a vent.
  • When there is only one Impostor left and you see a kill on Admin, head to the positions of the remaining players who are nowhere near the kill. This clears the seen Crewmate instantly. If the player count is low, head to the emergency button or report the body.
  • If you saw a player staying in Decontamination on MIRA HQ for a long time, you can be pretty sure that the player is An Impostor, probably in a vent, as Crewmates wouldn't stay there for that long. They should have already left the area when the door opens.
  • If you see four players in a room, then two players exit the room, but the other two players are still in the room for a long time, that may show that a double kill may have happened in there.
  • If you see a player in Security on The Skeld for a long time, but the camera doesn't blink, it is very likely they are dead or inside a vent because there are not that many tasks in it.


  • Taking a look at the Admin map can give away a lone Crewmate that can be targeted. Using a vent to arrive and exit can allow maximum efficiency and minimal suspicion.
    • On MIRA HQ, this strategy is especially effective. Due to all vents being connected, you can essentially travel anywhere to kill a Crewmate. The Doorlog should pose no threat to your status since you can give the excuse that you never left the room in the first place. However, you should take a little time to make sure you can vent back into the room without being seen.
    • This strategy can also be useful on The Airship. You can watch the Admin map and see if there's a lone Crewmate in Viewing Deck or Vault. Since the vent in Cockpit is connected to the ones in both of these locations, you could go to either of the rooms, kill that one Crewmate, go back to Cockpit, and pretend nothing happened.
    • This strategy is harder on Polus because most vents are located Outside where players do not show up on the Admin map.
    • You may Sabotage the doors to stall the Crewmate.
  • You can use the Admin map for deciding on something to Sabotage that is far away from the majority of players.
  • If no one else is at Admin, you can use the ability to find empty rooms and use that info during a meeting. Note that this won't always work because your information could be outdated when a meeting starts. Nevertheless, this is a great way to get an alibi.
  • If you see a room with two crewmates in it that can have the doors closed, close them. This can cause the two crewmates to turn on each other.
  • You could also stand by the Admin map to wait for your kill cooldown. There are no visual cues to give away that you do not have it open, which means you can stand there for a while without raising suspicion.
    • However, this can backfire if a Crewmate asks what you saw on Admin when you were actually waiting for your cooldown to end. In a scenario like this, you should say that you didn't see anything suspicious.