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The following article is a strategy guide.
You can add more strategies to this page. However, it must be related to the abilities and characteristics of Among Us. If not, your strategy will be removed.

Learning how to fake tasks is useful for blending with the rest of The Crew as An Impostor. To fake a task, stand next to the task and wait for the time it takes to do it. You should try to leave after the taskbar in the upper left corner goes up, so any Crewmates nearby will think it is because you finished the task (this is not necessary if the taskbar update in options is set to Meetings or Never). Also, most players will be doing tasks early on, so try to fake them early on to deceive the rest of the players.

How to Spot Impostors Faking Tasks

One way to tell if someone is not faking a task is to pay attention to visual tasks. If the host switches visual tasks on, you should look for the visual animations that play during or at the end of visual tasks to make sure it was completed. Another method is to watch the taskbar. If the option of the Task Bar Update is set to always, see if it goes up after the player leaves the task. Note that if a player leaves a task without the taskbar going up, they are not always Impostors as they might have a multiple-part task they need to complete, or they may be fleeing from you if they think you are An Impostor. Even if visual tasks are off, you can catch Impostors faking the Submit Scan task if you also have Submit Scan. While one player is doing the scan, and you try to start the scan, a message should display: Waiting for (player name). This can confirm them as a Crewmate.

Inexperienced Impostors can also be spotted if they move a bit while supposedly doing a task (although if they move away straight after, they likely had just finished the task). While this could be a Crewmate misleading, it's always good to note if the player in question becomes suspicious later on. Common tasks are another great way to find The Impostor as well, as all Crewmates have the same common tasks. So if someone fakes a task that you don't have and it is a common task, they are probably An Impostor.

Another example is to spot players interacting with a fake task panel. There are fake Accept Divert Power panels in Reactor and Office, on The Skeld and Polus respectively. There are also several fake Fix Wiring panels and Empty Garbage bins on The Airship. If a player tries to interact with the panel, the player is most likely An Impostor.

Another way is to see if someone seemingly does too many tasks. For example, say the total number of tasks is four, yet someone sees someone else doing Fuel Engines, Fix Wiring, Chart Course, Empty Garbage, and Download Data. This means that at least one of the said tasks was faked.

Faking Tasks (Impostors)

The subsections below are for tasks for different maps.

NOTE: Unless they were turned off in lobby options, NEVER fake visual tasks. Experienced players will know that you faked them, as an animation plays while those tasks are completed. The lobby's host can avoid this by turning off visual tasks or a player asking the lobby host to do so.

NOTE: Sabotage Comms as soon as possible if there are common tasks assigned and task bar updates are on in order to fake them. Faking without Comms Sabotaged or missing them are grounds for ejection.

The Skeld



The Airship

  • Calibrate Distributor: Depends on speed and accuracy, but a first-time completion takes around 5-7 seconds.
  • Clean Toilet: Depends on dragging speed, but usually take 3-5 seconds.
  • Clean Vent: Depends on clicking speed, but usually takes less than 3 seconds.
  • Decontaminate: 7-9 seconds.
  • Develop Photos: Depends, but doing it on the first try takes around 5 seconds.
  • Divert Power: 1-2 seconds to both divert and accept diverted power.
  • Download Data: 9 seconds.
  • Dress Mannequin: Depends, but usually takes 6-7 seconds to drag all cosmetics.
  • Empty Garbage: 3-4 seconds, both first and second stage.
  • Enter Id Code: 5-6 seconds.
  • Fix Shower: Depends, but usually takes 6-8 seconds.
  • Fix Wiring: 4-5 seconds per panel.
  • Fuel Engines: 4-6 seconds each to fill the can and refuel the engine.
  • Make Burger: Depends on the time of memorizing, but a first-time completion usually takes 6-8 seconds to finish.
  • Pick Up Towels: 8-10 seconds to put all the towels inside the basket. Remember to pick up 8 towels before putting them into the basket.
  • Polish Ruby: 6-8 seconds.
  • Put Away Rifles: 1-2 seconds to pick up all rifles, 2-3 seconds to put the rifles back.
  • Put Away Pistols: 1-2 seconds to pick up all pistols, 4-6 seconds to put the pistols back.
  • Reset Breakers: Depends on the sequence, but whenever you pull the lever, it takes 2-3 seconds. Remember to pull all 7 levers before you leave Electrical.
  • Rewind Tapes: Depends, but usually takes more than 10 seconds to get to the point of time.
  • Sort Records: 1-2 seconds per record. Remember to sort all 4 records before leaving Records.
  • Stabilize Steering: Depends on the accuracy, but a first-time completion needs 4-6 seconds. Impostors could get away with a little longer if they later say that they were honking the horn during the task.
  • Start Fans: Use 3-4 seconds to reveal and memorize the code, and use 4-6 seconds to enter the code. Remember to go to the right side of Ventilation to reveal the code before going to the left side to enter the code.
  • Unlock Safe: Depends on the accuracy, but a first-time completion needs 8-10 seconds.
  • Upload Data: Depends on speed, but a PERFECT upload speed requires 6-8 seconds to be completed.