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General Approaches

Rush Attack: Single

  • You can play aggressively at the start of the round to get at least two kills. This can be efficient as long as the group stays split and is twice as effective when in double Impostor games as long as double kills are in sync.
    • This approach is more effective against groups who tend to go for quick task wins rather than catching The Impostor(s).
  • Players tend not to vote on suspicious behavior near the start since it's generally better not to risk losing people early if it means quick task completion.
  • Combine with Fix Lights to secure kills near witnesses and then vent to fix lights in Electrical.
  • Since the aim is to kill right out of cooldowns, a good strategy is to check Admin and vent in on isolated targets.
  • Generally, you should vote with the crowd to prevent ties.
  • You should rotate between kills and Sabotage to keep task progress low rather than perform multiple kills in a row, as the Crewmates will be working to complete tasks all around the map. They may stumble upon the bodies that you leave, or even catch you in the act.
  • Self-reporting is risky if you have not built up an alibi throughout the round. Crewmates will, understandably, ask about where the body is and whether you saw anything. You should only self-report if you are prepared to answer such questions.
  • On MIRA HQ, you can wait in Launchpad for every Crewmate but one to leave and then kill the remaining one. This works because the tasks in Launchpad are usually completed when the game starts. Crewmates will likely not return to Launchpad before the Run Diagnostics task timer has finished, meaning the body will generally get removed when the next meeting is called. An experienced Crewmate may fake walking out of Launchpad and walk back, possibly to bait you into killing the Crewmate.
  • A somewhat risky strategy you can use is a "vent and blame" strategy. After Sabotaging, you should vent and kill someone, then return to the vent and wait for another Crewmate to enter. The aim is to self-report the body and pin the blame on the Crewmate who walks in. However, several factors come into play: how many Crewmates discover the body (it's easier to get away with this strategy if it's a single Crewmate instead of a group), and if the Crewmate catches you venting (and reports the body before you can), the strategy might not work.
  • You can use an easy strategy to kill someone in some rooms, such as MedBay on The Skeld- if you see a Crewmate, you can close the doors on them, vent, kill, and return to your previous location. (This strategy may not work if someone was on Admin.)
  • When killing a Crewmate, ideally you should call a Sabotage on the opposite side of the map. For example if you kill a Crewmate on right side of map, quickly Sabotage something on the left side — and vice versa.

Rush Attack: Doubles

  • Pretend to buddy up with the other Impostor at the start of the game. You should slightly trail behind the leading group and attack when two targets are positioned near a vent (escaping via the vent is encouraged). With some luck, the Crewmates can argue amongst themselves, oblivious of the second death in the area.
  • Both of The Impostors voting the accused will generally guarantee an ejection.
  • When you or your partner kills a Crewmate, you should ideally call a Sabotage on the opposite side of the map. For example, if you kill a Crewmate on right side of map, you should quickly Sabotage something on the left side - and vice versa.

Rush Attack: Triples

  • Kill a Crewmate as quickly as possible. If every Impostor does this, then they can vote out one more Crewmate, securing the win.
  • If any number of Crewmates dies, and all three Impostors are alive, you can instantly kill after your cooldown runs out and win.
  • If all Impostors are in a room with three Crewmates, you should triple kill and escape. However, this may be hard to co-ordinate. Find another Crewmate and kill them, resulting in a win if the total players in the lobby was 10. Otherwise, if the amount of players was 9, then the triple kill alone would guarantee a win.

Slow Play: Single

  • Instead of performing a rush attack, this method involves you infiltrating a group and sticking with large groups of Crewmates to keep up your pretense. Faking tasks is much less noticeable with this method.
  • Pick a few Crewmates to follow around and fake tasks to gain their trust, but remember to kill other Crewmates when the group is occupied. The Crewmates can provide you with a solid alibi. Depending on how low the Crewmates' range of vision is, you may be able to call Fix Lights to temporarily get away from the group, kill another Crewmate, and rejoin the group before the lights are turned back on.
  • If a Crewmate offers to prove their innocence through visual tasks, you should go ahead and watch them complete it. This only furthers your trust with the Crewmate(s) watching with you and can give you an alibi.
  • You should only kill with an exit plan, so you have an alibi if the body is found.
  • Later into the game, you can risk a self-report if you think it is split to get a member hopefully removed. (This tactic works especially well when you're in a group and they "rediscover" a body you made.)
  • When discussion begins, remain neutral at the start. Maintain confidence when interrogated or accused, and don't vote people off quickly. Instead, think through the situation and listen to the arguments that the Crewmates give.
  • Spend time memorizing where you are and what tasks you could have been doing while killing someone.
  • Be wary of the task bar, especially when it is set to always be on, as it should dictate your pace of work.
  • Use cameras once you've claimed to have finished tasks.
    • Pay attention to the amount of tasks in the task list. You don't want to take too long faking tasks, but you also don't want to finish too quickly, either.
  • With slow play, Sabotage is your best friend. Sabotaging the lights is primarily useful, as it allows you to make aggressive plays without the risk of being accused. It is also important to note the Crewmates' vision before the game starts, as this can be vital to know how much they can see if the lights go out.
  • If your kill cooldown is still high, sabotaging Reactor or O2 can help distract Crewmates temporarily. In addition, after sabotaging Reactor, you can close Upper Engine and Lower Engine doors to delay crewmates even more.
  • Use Door Sabotages to trap targets for safe kills or make Crewmates suspicious of others they were trapped with.
  • It is usually smarter to play the long game if the Crewmates have many tasks to do, which make it harder for them to win by tasks.
  • You can stand just in front of a Crewmate doing a visual task to make it seem like you are doing the task.
    • A less risky way to do this is to stand near a visual task if you see a ghost doing it. The ghost cannot bring up that the animation was for them. However, this method is often harder to plan and put into action, as a ghost could stop doing the task at any time.
  • Having just killed someone with everybody else in a different place, it may be better to leave the room and close the doors rather than vent out to avoid suspicion if they go to that room from the group.
  • When in a 1v2 situation, call a critical Sabotage (such as Reactor Meltdown) and wait in the room or area where Crewmates come to fix it. Kill whoever enters. Since you can call a Sabotage quicker than an emergency meeting in most cases, you can't be stopped unless the Crewmates fix it extremely quick. This practically guarantees a win.

Slow Play: Doubles

  • Stay away from your partner to have different alibis and make sure neither of you is in danger of being voted. Be aware of how vouching aggressively raises suspicion.
    • If your partner is voted out and you had vouched for them, you will likely be voted out next.
  • To set up long-range Sabotage kills, play on opposite map sides to increase the chances of killing multiple Crewmates with a single Sabotage.
  • Only kill players when they're alone or with your partner.
  • Work with your partner when you're An Impostor.

General Strategies and Plays

  • Group Up - In a game of 2 or 3 Impostors, group up with your teammate(s) to get an alibi. That way, when you are accused, you can use them to back you up. Make sure to read their cues — if they close the doors to MedBay and then stand on the scanner, they may be trying to tell you they are "scanning", which could be useful later on for deflecting accusations.
  • Drop Kill - On maps with Dropship or Launchpad, fake a task before making a kill. Afterward, Sabotage something (preferably the lights) and run away. Be careful not to run into anyone who may check for this, or they will likely accuse you.
  • Death Chamber - On The Skeld or Polus, head to Admin and use the Admin map to find a solo Crewmate. Go to Cockpit if on The Airship. Immediately lock the room they are in via Door Sabotage and get in as fast as possible, checking if the cameras are on before venting. Secure the kill before Sabotaging lights and venting out to fix them. This eliminates suspicion because the body won't be found until the lights are fixed, and no one can confirm you were in the room where the kill occurred.
    • Note that a room to kill in for this strategy is only valid if it has both doors and a vent. A fast lock is crucial to avoid a second Crewmate entering the targeted room. If this happens, you'll be caught venting in. Learn vent links before trying this strategy; it greatly improves the chance of success.
  • Pass the Blame - When a Crewmate does a task, it is common for a large area of their screen to be covered with the contents of the task, thus limiting their view of their surroundings. When two Crewmates are inside a room doing tasks, perhaps long tasks, use it to your advantage. Kill one of the two Crewmates, and escape. If you are lucky, another Crewmate may enter the room and see the body thinking that the other Crewmate in the room with the body is An Impostor, leading them to be voted off.
    • Some players are aware of this strategy and will stand near a task (but not start it) to bait An Impostor into killing someone else in their field of view.
  • Skeld Light Kill - If playing on The Skeld, head to MedBay or Security at the game's start. When your kill cooldown ends, vent into Electrical. Kill the first person to arrive and vent right back out. After that, Sabotage the lights to frame the first Crewmate who arrives. This is effective because nobody else would have reasonably seen the body beforehand.
  • Ejectee's Friend - If a Crewmate is about to be voted out, you could give a passionate but weak defense for them. Ideally, the rest of the Crewmates won't believe you and eject the Crewmate anyway. When the role is revealed, you may be trusted more because you appeared to not want the innocent player to be ejected. If they do believe you and do not eject the player, then you could always kill them later and say that because they were killed, they must be a Crewmate. This only works if Confirm Ejects are on.
  • Alibi Ghost - When you are a ghost Impostor, Sabotage wherever your teammates are. Depending on your partner's skill and understanding of the game, they should realize that they have an alibi to work off because they did not trigger the Sabotage.
    • You can also do this in a 4v2 or 3v2 scenario. Sabotage and either kill or perform a double kill with your teammate. Be careful in a 4v2 situation, as if a body is reported, you and/or your partner will likely be in an incriminating position.
  • Immunity Killer - If a player proves they aren't The Impostor through a visual task (such as Submit Scan), killing them is of high priority. They become the most trustworthy player in the lobby, so being caught venting or killing another Crewmate by them guarantees your demise.
  • Public Enemy Number 2 - If a suspicious innocent player is present in the round, go out of your way not to kill them but instead kill those who have targeted them. Always vote to tie to waste voting phases and keep pressure off yourself.
  • Crowd/Stack Kill - First, gather at least 4 Crewmates together to one spot. This can be done quickly by sabotaging the lights or Communications. When everyone is on top of each other, instead of fixing the Sabotage, kill someone in the stack. The body will be reported within seconds. It is fairly easy to avoid suspicion because everyone was on top of each other. This could also get a Crewmate ejected from the group if accused.
    • However, this is a risky strategy if used multiple times in succession, as Crewmates may notice that you are always present in the group. Additionally, An Impostor will always move or teleport to a Crewmate when the killing animation occurs, making this a very dangerous tactic. Make sure you are completely stacked up if lights are on, as a kill can be very apparent in more spread-out groups.
  • Talking - Make sure you talk during emergency meetings. It has been said that you shouldn't talk unless spoken to during meetings, but people will get very suspicious of your silence. However, talking too much may give yourself away as it may seem you are stalling for the meeting to end. Do not accuse too much, and when someone suspects you, stay calm and tell them why you are innocent. Acting confused during meetings can also work to your advantage.
  • Beat the Admin table - Many people, Crewmates and Impostors alike, don't regard the power of the Admin table. The Admin table is a lethal weapon, and if used correctly, it can guarantee a win.
    • On MIRA HQ, the Admin table is especially efficient at catching Impostors venting because there are no blind spots with a vent. It is very risky to vent on MIRA HQ if you think someone is on Admin. The Join Them strategy is super effective for an Admin kill if you are the last Impostor on MIRA HQ with two other Crewmates because killing someone in the Admin room sets the bait, insurance, and alibi.
    • On The Skeld, the Admin table is more useful for checking out players' alibis. Because the map is small, it is easy to catch a self-report. It is also easy to check out where people claimed to be when an emergency meeting is called, so make sure to only lie about where you are if you are sure no-one can disprove you.
    • Polus is currently the only map where the Admin table has less power because of the maps huge size and massive blind spot, therefore negating its ability to catch venting.
    • Although The Airship is a large map, there are a lot of gaps and walls between rooms, therefore easier to catch Impostors venting.
  • Play Dumb - This strategy involves calling a critical Sabotage, like Reactor Meltdown or Oxygen Depleted, and pretending to try to fix the Sabotage. When somebody is close enough, kill them, then go back to pretend to fix the crisis as soon as possible. This time, actually fix it or let somebody else report the body while you pretend to fix the Sabotage. You can say that you were fixing the crisis and couldn't see anything; many players will probably believe you and put suspicion on the Crewmate who reported the body, thinking they did a self-report. This strategy can also work while pretending to use Security, Vitals, or Doorlog.
  • Betray your Impostor Teammate - If you see your teammate kill a Crewmate in front of you, report the body and tell the Crewmates what you saw (it's risky if they tell everyone about you being their teammate); this strategy is best done if you see them using the Play Dumb strategy. However, if there was no previous suspicion on your teammate, then this strategy can be very annoying. This strategy will also likely gain you some enemies in the lobby, as the trust you have could be lost.
  • Self-Report if Seen - If you kill someone and a Crewmate sees you with the body, report it and accuse the Crewmate who saw you. It is likelier for the Crewmates to believe you since you reported the body. However, they will probably vote you out via an emergency meeting the next round. If the crewmate who saw you reports the body, you will likely be voted out first, and thus revealed to be An Impostor. If confirm ejects are off, you may be able to prevent this from happening.
  • Join Them - Sabotage the lights on any map, then kill someone who is on their own. Vent to a large group of Crewmates, and ensure that the lights are still off so they can't see you. Stick with them until the body is reported. As long as the Crewmates you were with don't see you jump into a vent, you have a solid alibi. Keep in mind that Crewmates may see the vent open even outside their vision.
  • Blame Someone Else - If two people are suspicious of each other, kill one of them. For example, Orange and Green accuse each other, so then you kill Green. The conversation will naturally shift to Orange, but if Orange proves their innocence, then accusations will be thrown around. Eventually, an accusation may be thrown at you, resulting in your ejection, so be careful when doing this.
  • Decide Your Teammate's Fate - If someone accuses your teammate, do not defend them because if they are revealed to be An Impostor, you will very likely be ejected next. Instead of defending your partner, play along in order not to look suspicious.
  • Kill When Caught Venting - If someone catches you venting, they'll probably run for the emergency button. Call a Sabotage to prevent them from calling a meeting or close the doors and kill them before they reach the Cafeteria, or Office on Polus.
  • Don't Kill Suspicious Crewmates - If multiple people have suspicion on one or more Crewmates, do not kill them because it will prove that their suspicion was wrong and they may start suspecting another person (including you). Instead, you can kill the suspectors so that the remaining Crewmates will start suspecting the suspicious Crewmate more, ultimately leading to their ejection.
  • Unseen Killer - Every other round, make sure cameras are not on and vent as soon as possible. Vent around until you find a kill you can get away with. Lock the doors in their room, come out of the vent, kill them, and Sabotage the lights. When the lights are Sabotaged, vent to electrical and kill the first person who tries to fix the Sabotage. Go back in the vent, and if nobody fixes the Sabotage for more than 60 seconds, fix it yourself. When a meeting is called, act natural. Say you were in places nobody can confirm you weren't. If done right, this strategy pretty much guarantees that you win, but be careful. If anyone is on the Admin panel or cameras, you'll likely be found out.
  • Impostor and Crewmate - Try to make a friend in the lobby. After making said friend, vouch and buddy up with them for a couple of rounds. Now, they're most likely always going to pair up with you. They're an immediate alibi. Get kills by either getting a fellow Impostor to rack up bodies or Sabotage lights and run from your buddy. This is a very good strategy but pretty hard to pull off. This strategy will also be beneficial for Crewmate rounds.
    • Impostor Clearing - When you use The Impostor and Crewmate strategy, try to clear your buddy. It will give you an alibi, for instance, "If I were The Impostor, why would I have cleared him?" If playing in 2 or 3 Impostor games, this has the added bonus of you potentially taking down your former buddy (because they will suspect the clearing was false unless others were there) and your teammate(s) finishing off the Crew.
  • Sneaky Kill - Look for a task that you know covers up a vent. If someone's completing it and there is another Crewmate in the same room or nearby, come out of the said vent, kill the Crewmate that isn't over the vent, and self-report their body, accusing the person who was doing the task over the vent. This is a very efficient way of self-reporting, as it avoids people using Admin and Security to find you out.
  • Don't Accuse a Verified Crewmate - Never accuse Crewmates who are verified (did a visual task in front of one or more people, confirming that they are not An Impostor). Other Crewmates will point out that they are verified, and the conversation will naturally shift to you, who pointed fingers, potentially leading up to your ejection.
  • Be Careful When Lying About Your Location - It can be tempting for you to say that you were somewhere else when a body is discovered. Still, this tactic can backfire if you were traveling with a group or a buddy (in which case your lie will probably be called out), as well as if someone was watching the Admin panel or Security when the body was discovered (e.g., you lied that you were in Navigation when there was no one there). Lying about your location will almost certainly backfire if a Crewmate was in the room you lied about being in.
  • Sabotage Side by Side - If you kill someone on the left side of the map being played on, call for a Sabotage on the right side. Similarly, if you were to kill someone on the right side of the map, call a Sabotage on the left side. This might be hazardous if another Crewmate enters the room you were in before and reports the body you made. Any Crewmates that saw you leave that room will suspect you.
  • Camera Killer (The Skeld) - If you are with a Crewmate completing a task in Electrical, vent from there to Security. If you happen to find a Crewmate watching the cameras, kill them. It would be better to use this strategy rather than kill the Crewmate with you in Electrical because if you were to kill them, the person watching cameras would suspect you. On the other hand, if you were to kill the player in Security, the Crewmate completing a task in Electrical will not suspect you because they thought you were doing a task near them.
  • Have a Strong Alibi - Always have a strong alibi and map out the tasks you would have been doing while killing. Pay attention to the round's common tasks and know the locations of the tasks you claim to complete. Crewmates will vouch for you and clear your name; thus, you can kill them off without being suspected.
  • Lights on Polus - A risky strategy but a worthy one at that is staying in the outdoor section of Electrical on Polus, Sabotaging the lights, and waiting for the first Crewmate to come into the area to fix them. Kill them and retreat to the the bottom-left corner of the area. When a second Crewmate comes to resolve the Sabotage, they will likely report the body but not see you due to their obscured vision. However, to pull off this strategy, you must pay attention to the Crewmates vision. If it is set high enough, Fix Lights may not obscure their vision enough for them to be unable to see you hiding in the outdoor area of Electrical.
  • Quick Cafeteria Kill - If a Crewmate catches you vent or generally act suspicious, they'll probably head to the emergency button. If possible, vent to Cafeteria and wait for them, inside or out of the vent. Kill them once they arrive. This will not work if there is a group of Crewmates at or going to Cafeteria. Make sure to vent away before anyone sees you.
  • Sabotage + Admin - This strategy consists of making people accuse each other. Go to Admin to use the Admin map, find two people together, and close the doors to the room they are in. It is possible for the Crewmates to think that the other person with them tried to kill them and start running to the emergency button. In the case of one of them being ejected and everyone realizing that they were a Crewmate, Sabotage either Reactor or O2. Players may become even more suspicious of the Crewmate who accused the person with them. Don't repeat this strategy too much because people will suspect that The Impostor is watching the Admin map to do this strategy, resulting in them figuring out that you're The Impostor.
  • Decontamination Kill - On MIRA HQ or Polus, wait for a Crewmate to enter Decontamination, kill them, vent away (on MIRA HQ) or exit through the other door (on Polus), and Sabotage the lights. This can be risky in the case that another Crewmate saw you enter Decontamination and walks in to find a body.
  • Locked Doors - On Polus, The Skeld or the Airship, let a Crewmate enter the room you are in, close the doors, kill them, and quickly escape. Make sure nobody saw the targeted Crewmate enter the room you were in.
  • Killing with Tasks - If the game is nearly finished, you are the only Impostor left, and the tasks are almost finished, say, "we can win with tasks, so skip." They will likely skip, letting their guard down. If you can find a Crewmate, kill them when you can. If that doesn't finish the game, then use the Sabotage Side by Side strategy to lead the Crew away from the body. They will be in a panic, and they definitely will not finish their tasks. Kill the last one or two Crewmates fixing the Sabotage to win.
  • AFK Kill - A very risky strategy: On MIRA HQ or Polus, pretend to be AFK (short for "away from keyboard") in the room where everyone spawns: Cafeteria, Launchpad, or Dropship. Watch a Crewmate who goes on their own, and, after everyone else has left the spawn room, follow their steps and kill them. Return to your exact spawn location afterwards. If the round continues for a while, you can attempt to do this again. Try to stay near the spawn so that nobody will find out that your actually aren't AFK.
  • We Were Wrong - This strategy requires a game with two Impostors, confirm ejects off, and a long discussion and/or voting time if possible. If your partner is voted out on seven players without complete evidence, you can call a critical Sabotage and kill a Crewmate in front of two other players. You should then immediately self-report the body, claiming that your partner was not An Impostor because you caught someone making a bold kill. Accuse the two Crewmates of standing around the body after one killed, proving that they were partners. If the other players believe you, then have both of the Crewmates ejected, and kill off the last player you need to through calling a strategic Sabotage.
  • "Noob" Sabotage - If your partner gets voted out on six or seven without confirm ejects, you can immediately Sabotage lights after the meeting. You should also Sabotage the Office and Electrical doors if on Polus to make it look more convincing that you want to prevent players from fixing the Sabotage before you get a kill or double kill. Then you should fix the sabotage yourself so you'll be less suspicious in the next meeting. All this is in order that when players call a meeting, they feel the need to vote someone else out, because An Impostor might have been making a dumb decision to Sabotage lights so early, and missed their chance to get a kill for an easy win. This strategy should not be used if you have a high level of suspicion on you, as you could be the one ejected.
  • Talk Only When Talked To - When there are many Crewmates left compared to Impostors, it may be best not to deflect blame if you are accused. This will generally make you look much more suspicious even if you have a good alibi. It may be best to hope that the other players don't believe the accusation, and although this is unlikely, it gives you a better chance than trying to make someone else look suspicious when you've already been blamed by them. If you do talk on your own accord, suggest skipping the vote and give a reason why, such as the high player count or little evidence being given.
  • Unknown Alibi - When in a discussion on Polus and asked for your location, a possible tactic would be to say that you were fixing a weather node. If asked which node, either say that you don't know which one or say "the one by Office" or "the one by O2" due to the fact that there are two nodes by Office and two near O2. This may keep the amount of suspicion toward you low.
  • Defend a Crewmate - In a two-Impostor game with your fellow Impostor still alive and the possibility of your ejection very high, you can randomly defend a Crewmate (not a confirmed Crewmate) without giving any proof as to why they are safe. If you're ejected and confirmed to be An Impostor, suspicions may turn to the Crewmate you defended, and possibly away from your partner.
  • The Fake Visual - This only works on Polus or The Skeld. If you are about to be ejected, you can bring up that you have a visual task. If you are lucky, the Crewmates will drop their guard. Now sabotage the Office or Cafeteria doors, and when they reopen, sabotage lights or the reactor to stall them. Sabotaging lights may get you an extra kill, and reactor may stall the Crewmates more. However, it would be likely that you would be ejected if they manage to call an emergency meeting.
  • Visual Task Bait - This only works on The Skeld or Polus. If there are only a few Crewmates left, you could call an emergency meeting and say that you have Submit Scan. After the meeting, close the doors in Cafeteria/Office to stall the Crewmates, letting your kill cooldown become lower. Once you arrive in MedBay, fake the task. The Crewmates will know that you faked a task and will try to call an emergency meeting. Now, close the doors in MedBay/Laboratory to stall the Crewmates, and vent to Electrical or Admin, on The Skeld and Polus respectively. Then, Sabotage the doors in Cafeteria/Office. Travel to Cafeteria (using the vent in Admin) on The Skeld or Office on Polus with your teammates. Stay near the emergency button. When the doors are opened, kill one of the Crewmates. This requires fast clicking speed and is very risky.
    • If your kill cooldown has not finished yet, try to call a critical Sabotage instead of closing the doors in MedBay/Laboratory. Once the Sabotage is fixed, close the doors in Cafeteria/Office. That should stall enough time for your kill cooldown to finish.
  • Don't let them call a meeting - When in a game where Crewmates only have one emergency meeting, you should try to target the Crewmates that have not called an emergency meeting, and spare those that have. This way, if one of the final few Crewmates witnesses you using a vent, they will likely not have an emergency meeting to call and therefore will give you time to kill them.
  • Decieving Doorlogs - On MIRA HQ, If you see two Crewmates going together through the north or southeast sections of the Hallway, you could go to the opposite section they went (If they went north go towards the southeast and vice versa), Sabotage Lights, enter a vent and try to kill one of the them. Since all of the vents are interconnected, this shouldn't be too hard. If you manage to do so the other Crewmate will most likely Report the body, and if someone was watching the Doorlog at the time, there's a very good chance that the player will be accused of self reporting, since they went together through the sensors, and since you went through an opposite section, this might also give you an alibi.
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