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This article is the strategy section for Sabotage.
You can add more strategies to this page. However, it must be related to the abilities and characteristics of Among Us. If not, your strategy will be removed.
  • Sabotaging is easily the best way for Impostors to get all Crewmates in a single location or separate their groups.
  • On The Skeld, you can make use of Sabotage efficiently. If you kill someone on the right side of the map, you can call for a Sabotage towards the left side (e.g. Reactor Meltdown). Similarly, if you kill someone on the left side, you can call for a Sabotage towards the right side (e.g. Oxygen Depleted).
    • However, this strategy is not very useful on larger maps, such as The Airship, because other Crewmates may be too far away from the place where the Sabotage is fix, and hence they will be wandering at the other side of the map and find a body.
  • Sabotaging Comms can be a great thing to do early on in games where the taskbar is always updated since all the short and common tasks that the Crew normally does straight away cannot be used to confirm innocence. These are typically Swipe Card (only applies to The Skeld), Insert Keys and Chart Course (only applies to Polus), and Fuel Engines (only applies to MIRA HQ).
    • For Polus, it can also be helpful to Sabotage Comms right after the first meeting if the Crew has Scan Boarding Pass or Swipe Card. The Crew normally does it after a meeting, as it is close to the emergency button.
    • On The Airship, only a few players will go to Communications to fix Comms Sabotage, because there are no tasks nearby in this room, and it is far away from the busy locations (e.g. Records, Main Hall, Cargo Bay, etc.) and it is hard to have other players to discover a body if a Crewmate dies there.
  • On MIRA HQ, Sabotaging Comms disables and clears Doorlogs. This can be done after using a vent to travel to another part of the map to remove evidence and create an alibi.
  • If you are the only Impostor left alive and there are two Crewmates left alive, call a critical Sabotage. Since all the critical Sabotages require two people to fix, no matter which map, the two Crewmates left will hurry to fix it, or they will lose. When they do, beat them to the fixing location(s) by using a vent. When they arrive, kill one of them and you will win instantly.
    • This strategy does not work well in games with a long kill cooldown, as the Crewmates may fix the Sabotage before your kill cooldown runs down. However, there is a Plan B: lock the door before the Crewmate you are targeting can escape. This will buy you some time for your kill cooldown to end, thus enabling you to kill them.
  • Emergency meetings cannot be called during all Sabotages except Door Sabotage. Suppose a Crew plans to vote out a known Impostor in the next round, or a Crewmate starts running to the emergency button after seeing An Impostor use a vent (or figuring out that they did). In that case, An Impostor should Sabotage to delay or prevent an emergency meeting.
  • Fixing a Sabotage you caused yourself in front of a Crewmate can ease suspicion about you and make the Crewmate more likely to trust you.
  • A critical Sabotage is disabling a system that must be fixed on a time limit, or the Crew will lose, which are Reactor Meltdown, Avert Crash Course, Reset Seismic Stabilizers and Oxygen Depleted. Calling a critical Sabotage where the fix locations are separated can give a chance to time-out the Crew if you were to kill a Crewmate trying to fix one side when the time is almost up. Hence, the other Crewmates are unable to reach the Sabotage's location in time.
    • On The Skeld, the O2 number pads are in the Admin and the O2 rooms. If you kill a Crewmate at one location, the other Crew may not reach the other before the timer runs out.
    • On Polus, the Seismic Stabilizers that must be simultaneously accessed are on the map's top left and right corners. Just before it is fixed, killing a Crewmate will force players at the other node to trek across the map to fix the other side.
    • Be aware that the Crew will try to fix both locations eventually and stumble upon the body if they have enough time. Reporting a body will automatically end the crisis and call a meeting, putting you in a difficult position.
  • On Polus, Door Sabotage can be called at any time when off cooldown, meaning they can be called during, before, or after other Sabotages. They will stay closed until a Crewmate manually opens them, slowing down the response time. This does not work on The Skeld, as other Sabotages cannot be called while doors are closed, and doors cannot be closed while another Sabotage is active. However, you can close doors before or after other Sabotages.
    • On The Airship, Door Sabotage can be called before or after other sabotages, but not during them.
  • Lights on The Airship has 3 separated panels at which it can be fixed. Although they are physically scattered across the map, their interfaces are connected. This makes it so An Impostor can be alone at a panel, but they can still mess with Lights to prevent other Crewmates from fixing them.
  • A Sabotage is one of the best ways to divert Crewmate's attention in finding dead Crewmates in nearby areas. For example, on The Skeld, if you were to kill a Crewmate in Navigation, calling a Sabotage on Reactor would cause other Crewmates to move in the opposite direction of the dead body and give you time to escape.
    • An experienced Crewmate may see through this and check the opposite direction of where the Sabotage is located. This isn't always the case, and the Crewmate searching for bodies could forfeit the game resulting in An Impostor victory or attract suspicion leading to an unnecessary ejection.
    • If some players are not at the location to fix the Sabotage, this may draw suspicion towards the players who aren't there. This can be more problematic if you kill someone who is on the way to fix the Sabotage, and the body is found and reported afterward.
    • Venting so that you enter the Sabotaged room from a different direction than where the body is can help prevent suspicion — but this does not work if there are players around who may catch you venting out.
  • Sabotaging doors are a useful way to slow Crew movement, hide bodies, or separate Crewmates.
    • In The Skeld, Sabotaged doors are closed on a set time limit and may give time to make alibis. Try to get as far away from the body as possible.
    • On MIRA HQ, you cannot Sabotage doors, making it easier for the Crewmates to figure out who killed the victim. However, the vast vent network allows you to access far away locations to make your escape.
    • On Polus and The Airship, Sabotaged doors will remain closed until manually opened by a player. All doors on the map may be closed at the same time, except during crisis Sabotages. It is recommended that you should constantly close doors to slow down Crewmates and use vents to circumvent doors when possible.
    • You can intentionally lock yourself in a room with a Crewmate by Sabotaging the doors, then allowing the Crewmate to live, to build an alibi and/or gain trust.
  • Security cameras and Vitals are two very popular information tools for Crewmates. If players are camping these locations fervently, disabling Comms will force them to leave or allow you to get a kill without worrying about cameras or vital reports.
  • It is possible to distract the Crewmates by running in the opposite direction of the Sabotage's location. This is effective when it comes to Reactor/Seismic Stabilizers and O2. However, this is risky and easy to see through.
  • When you Sabotage, you should not stand still. Instead, you should keep moving or fake tasks, as experienced players can easily draw suspicion towards you.
  • A risky strategy is to call a critical Sabotage and then kill someone who is trying to resolve it when there are only a few seconds left to resolve it. This can result in either your victory or your ejection, depending on what other Crewmates do. If they continue to resolve it, it's likely to lead to you being ejected, but if they try to report it, the timer is likely to run out.
  • Sabotaging Comms also disables the additional abilities reserved for specific roles (Vent for Engineers, Vitals for Scientists, and Protect for Guardian Angels) that Crewmates or ghosts can get, which can be very beneficial if you know any of those roles are present.
    • If you know there is a Guardian Angel, Sabotaging Comms before killing a Crewmate can potentially allow you to kill the Crewmate safely instead of failing thanks to the Protect ability of the Guardian Angel.
    • If a Crewmate you are planning to kill is an Engineer and there is a vent in the room they are in, they may use that vent to attempt to escape or hide. To avoid this, use Comms Sabotaged to prevent them from interacting with the vent.