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This article is the strategy section for Tasks.
You can add more strategies to this page. However, it must be related to the abilities and characteristics of Among Us. If not, your strategy will be removed.

Clean Vent

  • If you are assigned Clean Vent in Admin or Cockpit, use the Admin ability after you have finished all tasks. This is because when An Impostor vents to Admin/Cockpit, you can see them on Admin and force them out using the task. This is better when there is two or more players in Admin/Cockpit because The Impostor might kill you if you are alone in there.
    • Do not do this if there is more than one Impostor in the vent because the Impostors can kill more than one player in the location.

Insert Keys

The location of the keyhole you must turn in Insert Keys is determined by the order in which you joined the lobby.

  • Because of this, it is possible to catch An Impostor lying if they get asked what keyhole they had. Example: They are the fifth player to join, but they say they had the one on the top right. This means they faked the task.
    • However, there is always the chance that they haven't completed the task yet.
  • As An Impostor, you can look at the Vitals screen to see which keyhole they would have had since Vitals shows players in spawning order. You could also look at your position at the start of the game or after an emergency meeting/dead body report since those also depend on spawning order, but this could be hard since players tend to run away immediately after spawning/meeting.

Start Reactor

  • Start Reactor is a perfect task for Impostors to fake because the time it takes for a Crewmate to complete the task can vary greatly. Impostors can also Sabotage while pretending to run this task and most likely get away with it.

Swipe Card

  • For some players, Swipe Card is one of the toughest tasks in Among Us, while it usually takes them about one to two tries for others. The trick is for the player to control their swiping speed. This task is usually quite easy for mobile players, but is generally hard because players need to time the swipe right. Many players don't finish swiping the card to the other side, resulting in a bad read. A trick is to swipe it fast halfway and then swipe the other half slowly to get it done quickly. Once you swipe the card correctly, the red light on the draw frame will turn off, the green light beside the red light will turn on, and the task will be completed.
  • There is an easier way to complete Swipe Card via abusing an oversight: you can also swipe the card left and right two to four times very quickly, and the task should be completed. If you fail while doing this, you should ideally try the method again.
    • It can also be completed by starting slowly and then speeding up and doing rest quickly.

Unlock Manifolds

  • On The Skeld, Unlock Manifolds is located directly above a vent, which gives An Impostor an excuse to be near them. This also means that you risk being killed if An Impostor is aware of your presence.

Visual tasks

  • If the visual effects for visual tasks are turned on, save your visual tasks for later. Then, if a dead body is reported or an emergency meeting is called, you can tell other players to follow you and watch you do the visual task. They will most likely try to verify you as a Crewmate, as they will try to decrease the list of suspects.
    • However, note that Impostors may try to kill you if you are verified, as they will try to eliminate trustworthy players.
    • If a dead body isn't reported or a meeting isn't called yet, and you did all your tasks except your visual tasks, you can spend your time looking for dead bodies or suspicious activity, or using monitoring abilities.

Upload Data

  • Due to Upload Data's long completion time, Impostors, while pretending to complete this task, can use the time to lower their kill cooldown or to Sabotage.
    • However, if you faked the task for too long, other players may think you are faking a task and they may eject you.
  • Crewmates were only assigned Upload Data once in a game previously, so it would have been a bad idea to approach two Download Data panels in the presence of living Crewmates. This appears to have changed in version 2021.4.12.
  • Because several Upload Data's panels are near vents and the task's UI covers a large majority of the player's screen, you that is also faking that download can use a vent to get away and kill a Crewmate, use the vent to get back, and the Crewmate that was running the task would not have seen The Impostor kill.
  • On The Skeld, the data can only be uploaded at Admin. If a player goes into Admin and stands near the upload panel at the start of the game, they may be pretending to complete the task, as the data needs to be downloaded before it can be uploaded. Players who come here immediately are most likely An Impostor. This rule also applies to the upload panel in Communications on Polus and Outside on The Airship.
  • As this task does not have you do anything else, you can watch the surroundings to see if anyone approaches you. The exception is uploading data on The Airship, however, you can continue watching the surroundings after finding a connection.