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This article is the strategy section for Vent.
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  • While vents are indispensable for Impostors, they are also a direct giveaway of your status as one. Even if there isn't a Crewmate around that could see you use a vent, your disappearance from one location and reappearance in another can draw suspicion, so use vents strategically.
  • When entering or exiting a vent that is visible through a camera, make sure that no one is using Security who could see you. If a security camera has a red blinking light, it is being used.
    • On MIRA HQ, Doorlog drastically changes how vents are used. Nobody will directly see An Impostor use a vent with it, but using vents will reduce the number of sensors they pass, which can give them away.
  • Possibly the most classic strategy involving vents is for you to use a vent to exit a location immediately after killing a player. This will quickly get you far away from the body but this tactic is not foolproof, as Crewmates could have seen you enter the location where the dead body is.
    • To circumvent this, consider using the vent to enter the room as well as exit it.
  • Try to kill a Crewmate that is in a room alone where you can use Door Sabotage to close all exits and trap the Crewmate and exit with a vent. For example, if you see a Crewmate alone in Electrical on The Skeld, close the doors in Electrical, kill the player, then use the vent to get away.
    • The locations that can have this strategy used are: Admin (closing doors in Cafeteria and Storage), Cafeteria, Electrical, Lower Engine, MedBay, Reactor (doors in Security, Lower Engine and Upper Engine), Security and Upper Engine on The Skeld; Electrical and Storage on Polus; Cockpit, Vault (doors in Brig), Kitchen, Viewing Deck (doors in Kitchen), Showers (doors in Main Hall and Records), Records and Engine Room (doors in Main Hall, Brig and the hallway leading to Cockpit) on The Airship.
  • On The Skeld, if you cannot find any Crewmates to kill, you can try waiting at the entrance of MedBay until you see the Security camera flash red. Then, you can close Security's doors via Door Sabotage, take a vent into Security from MedBay, and kill your target, who will not be able to escape. Escape immediately back to MedBay so other Crewmates may not notice it.
  • You can enter a vent and wait for a Crewmate to walk on top of it. Then you can exit the vent, kill the Crewmate, and enter the vent. However, this strategy is risky as other Crewmates may come in after the Crewmate, and Crewmates may notice that The Impostor was walking away from another vent in that vent system.
    • A good way to utilize the vents is to close the doors of a room, kill a Crewmate, and exit via a vent as normal. When you see a Crewmate, walk to the room with them and report the body to perhaps get yourself an alibi.
  • Regardless of whether a vent is outside of a Crewmate's vision or not, they will always see it open. If a Crewmate sees a vent open during Fix Lights, they can search around for anyone walking in that area. If they find someone, the chances are that the player is An Impostor.
    • This can be used by Impostors as well. If you go into a vent during Fix Lights in a location with two players, they may see each other and think that it has to be the other one who used the vent. One may be ejected, and if it is revealed that they were not An Impostor, the other may be as well.
    • Another strategy is to wait for a Crewmate to stand on top of a vent to complete a task. (This strategy works best if the vent is out of sight from most Crewmates that would be passing by, like the one in Electrical on The Skeld.) The Crewmate's vision will likely be covered by the task they are doing. Keep entering and exiting the vent until another Crewmate comes in. The Crewmate who just arrived may think the first Crewmate got out of the vent, as they saw the vent open when they walked in the room. They will most likely call a meeting and say the Crewmate you framed used a vent. If Confirm Ejects are on and the framed Crewmate is revealed to having not been An Impostor, the accusing Crewmate may be ejected as well.
      • Keep in mind that this strategy is a bit risky, as you may not be able to re-enter the vent in time before the second Crewmate comes in and sees you.
      • Another risk is that the Crewmate you try to frame might do Clean Vent, which will force you out and reveal your status as An Impostor.
    • On MIRA HQ, all vents are connected. It would be ideal to use this as An Impostor to kill many Crewmates in different locations and possibly maintain an alibi as well as to where you were during the time of the kills.
    • Note that on Polus, there is no animation for the usage of vents. Thus, this makes it easier for Impostors to escape using vents during Fix Lights on Polus.
    • In addition, you can see all three vents of MedBay, Security, and Electrical from certain positions on The Skeld. As all of these locations only have one entrance, seeing the vent open and then seeing a player walk out makes it likely that they are An Impostor.
  • If you are in a location, such as Electrical, and you want to take a vent to another location such as Security, you could take a vent to the other room that can be accessed, such as MedBay, wait for a few seconds, and then exit through the vent in Security. This is because there is a decent chance that a Crewmate is using Admin, and they may try to find out who used a vent.
    • The Crewmate using the Admin table may go to MedBay to search for An Impostor, and won't notice you killing in Security.
  • When inside a vent, you should keep in mind that your kill cooldowns are paused and you can't kill or Sabotage until you exit.
  • If you see three people in, say, Room A, then you can go to Room B in which you can take a vent to Room A. For example, if three people are in Weapons, go to Navigation. Then, Sabotage the lights. After doing that, use the vent in Navigation, and get out through the vent in Weapons. Kill one person and go back in the vent. The two crewmates will notice the body after the lights are fixed, and as a result, will cause one Crewmate to blame another Crewmate. This may cause a triple kill if Confim Ejects are on, because then one Crewmate will eject the other Crewmate, and then the Crewmate who blamed the ejected Crewmate will get ejected too.
  • On The Airship, when you see a Crewmate on the moving platform in Gap Room, turn off the lights first, then vent towards the other side of Gap Room. Stand at the place where the moving platform will approach, then kill that Crewmate. The Crewmate will barely see you use the vent with the lights sabotaged.
  • On The Airship, try not to take a vent directly from Records to Showers with the doors in Records and Main Hall closed. This is because if a Crewmate was on the Admin map and saw a player traveling from Records to Showers and rushed to Main Hall and opened the door in Showers, they may see you traveling from Records to Showers without the Record doors opened, leading you to ejection.
  • Since there is a new task called Clean Vent in version 2021.6.30 on all maps apart from Polus, try not to travel to a vent that has a Crewmate near it, because it is possible that the Crewmate is going to complete Clean Vent and you will be forced out of the vent.
  • If you exit a vent as An Impostor in front of others, try and wait for the amount of time an Engineer can use a vent in the lobby options since Engineers have at least a 5-second cooldown before using one again. This will only work if the Engineer role has a chance of appearing and the Engineer is unknown.
    • A good strategy is to wait in a stall in Lounge on The Airship, and when a Crewmate comes in to do the Clean Toilet task, wait until the door closes and kill them, then use a vent in Cargo Bay to go to another location.


  • Use vents only when you need to. Keep in mind that there is cooldown after exiting the vent, which might restrict you from using vents in emergency situations.
    • Avoid using vents when you can walk to the other location. For example, avoid using the vents from Records to Showers on The Airship if there is no emergency. Walk there instead.
  • Consider venting during Sabotages, especially when Fix Lights is active. You may use vents to travel to Electrical on The Skeld and Polus, Office on MIRA HQ, and either Viewing Deck or the right side of Gap Room to fix the Sabotage. During critical Sabotages, you may vent to where the Sabotage is resolved and help the Crewmates to resolve the Sabotage.
  • Engineers cannot vent when Comms Sabotaged is active, so you can make sure someone using a vent during Comms Sabotaged is An Impostor.
  • Try not to use a vent in front of players, especially if you don't have a visual task or the person who saw you do a visual task is not among them. They might think that you are An Impostor and vote you out by calling an emergency meeting.
  • If you see An Impostor killing, especially on camera, quickly use vents to travel to where the emergency button is located and call an emergency meeting. The Impostors cannot use Door Sabotage to stop you since there always is a vent around where the emergency button is located.
  • Try to complete visual tasks to confirm that you are a Crewmate before using vents. Players cannot suspect you for using vents as An Impostor since you have been confirmed as a Crewmate.