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Halloween is a real-life holiday celebrated within Among Us every October. The first in-game celebration of Halloween was in 2019 and has since been a celebrated event. During Halloween, players have access to unique hats, and maps are decorated with special objects such as ghosts, pumpkin lanterns, and more!


A player using Security on The Skeld during Halloween.

During Halloween, The Skeld and MIRA HQ are decorated with cobwebs, spiders, bats, pumpkins, slime, and other spooky decorations. Polus and The Airship are not decorated during this time.


The Halloween event has a set of 12 exclusive hats that players can keep after the event finishes. The hats will be automatically added to the player's inventory upon logging in during October. Unlike the Christmas hats, mobile, PC and Nintendo Switch users all receive the hats for free, and mobile players do not have to pay for them.


  • Players on all devices can obtain these hats at any time by changing their device's date to sometime in October.
    • Changing the date back will not affect the hats.
Hats in Halloween Bundle Free (Includes all hats)
Cat head hat Cat head hat.png
Bat wings Bat wings.png
Devil horns Devil horns.png
Mohawk Mohawk.png
Pumpkin hat Pumpkin hat.png
Spooky paper bag hat Spooky paper bag hat.png
Witch hat Witch hat.png
Wolf ears Wolf ears.png
Pirate hat Pirate hat.png
Plague doctor mask Plague doctor mask.png
Knife hat Knife hat.png
Hockey mask Hockey mask.png


The Skeld



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Halloween Christmas April Fools
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