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Hats promotional art.png

Hats are a type of cosmetic that characters can wear in Among Us. They accessorize or cover the top of the body. Due to the exclusion of the shop on the Nintendo Switch edition of Among Us, hats from the MIRA HQ, Polus, and The Airship skin bundles are unobtainable on the system.

List of Hats

Name Hat ID Image
Astronaut helmet 1 Astronaut helmet.png
Backwards cap 2 Backwards cap.png
Brain Slug 3 Brain Slug.png
Bush hat 4 Bush hat.png
Captain hat 5 Captain hat.png
Double top hat 6 Double top hat.png
Flowerpot hat 7 Flowerpot hat.png
Goggles 8 Goggles.png
Hard hat 9 Hard hat.png
Military hat 10 Military hat.png
Paper hat 11 Paper hat.png
Party hat 12 Party hat.png
Police hat 13 Police hat.png
Stethoscope 14 Stethoscope.png
Top hat 15 Top hat.png
Towel wizard 16 Towel wizard.png
Ushanka 17 Ushanka.png
Viking 18 Viking.png
Wall guard cap 19 Wall guard cap.png
Snowman hat 20 Snowman hat.png
Antlers 21 Antlers.png
Christmas lights hat 22 Christmas lights hat.png
Santa hat 23 Santa hat.png
Christmas tree hat 24 Christmas tree hat.png
Present hat 25 Present hat.png
Candy canes hat 26 Candy canes hat.png
Elf hat 27 Elf hat.png
2019 yellow party hat 28 2019 yellow party hat.png
White hat 29 White hat.png
Crown 30 Crown.png
Eyebrows 31 Eyebrows.png
Angel halo 32 Angel halo.png
Elf cap 33 Elf cap.png
Flat cap 34 Flat cap.png
Plunger 35 Plunger.png
Snorkel 36 Snorkel.png
Henry figure 37 Henry figure.png
Safari hat 38 Safari hat.png
Sheriff hat 39 Sheriff hat.png
Eyeball lamp 40 Eyeball lamp.png
Toilet paper hat 41 Toilet paper hat.png
Toppat Clan leader hat 42 Toppat Clan leader hat.png
Black fedora 43 Black fedora.png
Ski goggles 44 Ski goggles.png
MIRA landing headset 45 MIRA landing headset.png
MIRA hazmat mask 46 MIRA hazmat mask.png
Medical mask 47 Medical mask.png
MIRA security cap 48 MIRA security cap.png
Straw hat 49 Straw hat.png
Banana hat 50 Banana hat.png
Beanie 51 Beanie.png
Bear ears 52 Bear ears.png
Cheese hat 53 Cheese hat.png
Cherry hat 54 Cherry hat.png
Egg hat 55 Egg hat.png
Green fedora 56 Green fedora.png
Flamingo hat 57 Flamingo hat.png
Flower hat 58 Flower hat.png
Knight helmet 59 Knight helmet.png
Plant hat 60 Plant hat.png
Cat head hat 61 Cat head hat.png
Bat wings 62 Bat wings.png
Devil horns 63 Devil horns.png
Mohawk 64 Mohawk.png
Pumpkin hat 65 Pumpkin hat.png
Spooky paper bag hat 66 Spooky paper bag hat.png
Witch hat 67 Witch hat.png
Wolf ears 68 Wolf ears.png
Pirate hat 69 Pirate hat.png
Plague doctor mask 70 Plague doctor mask.png
Knife hat 71 Knife hat.png
Hockey mask 72 Hockey mask.png
Miner gear hat 73 Miner gear hat.png
Winter gear hat 74 Winter gear hat.png
Archaeologist hat 75 Archaeologist hat.png
Antenna 76 Antenna.png
Balloon 77 Balloon.gif
Bird nest 78 Bird nest.png
Black bandana 79 Black bandana.png
Caution sign hat 80 Caution sign hat.png
Chef hat 81 Chef hat.png
CCC cap 82 CCC cap.png
Do-rag 83 Do-rag.png
Dum sticky note 84 Dum sticky note.png
Fez 85 Fez.png
General hat 86 General hat.png
Pompadour 87 Pompadour.png
Hunter hat 88 Hunter hat.png
Military helmet 89 Military helmet.png
Crewmate hat 90 Crewmate hat.gif
Mysterious vagabond mask 91 Mysterious vagabond mask.png
Ram horns 92 Ram horns.png
Snow Crewmate 93 Snow Crewmate.png
Geoff Keighley mask 94 Geoff Keighley mask.png
Dave Panpa cap 95 Dave Panpa cap.png
Ellie Rose hair 96 Ellie Rose hair.png
Sven Svensson hat 97 Sven Svensson hat.png
Burt Curtis hat 98 Burt Curtis hat.png
Ellry mohawk 99 Ellry mohawk.png
Thomas Chestershire monocles 100 Thomas Chestershire monocles.png
Wizard hat 101 Wizard hat.png
Fredrick Muenster hat 102 Fredrick Muenster hat.png
Mr. Macbeth hat 103 Mr. Macbeth hat.png
Toppat Henry Stickmin hat 104 Toppat Henry Stickmin hat.png
Toppat Ellie Rose hat 105 Toppat Ellie Rose hat.png
Geoffrey Plumb hat 106 Geoffrey Plumb hat.png
Right Hand Man hat and mustache 107 Right Hand Man hat and mustache.png
Angry eyebrows 108 Angry eyebrows.png
Chocolate ice cream 109 Chocolate ice cream.png
Heart pin 110 Heart pin.png
Ponytail 111 Ponytail.png
Rubber glove 112 Rubber glove.png
Unicorn hat 113 Unicorn hat.png
Zipper hat 114 Zipper hat.png
Purple traffic cone 115 Purple traffic cone.png


Name Hat ID Image
Drinking cap N/A (unused) Drinking cap.png
Pot hat N/A (unused) Pot hat.png
Traffic cone N/A (unused) Traffic cone.png


Backwards cap · 2019 yellow party hat · Flat cap · Plunger · Safari hat · Sheriff hat · Toilet paper hat · Black fedora · Ski goggles · Medical mask · Straw hat · Banana hat · Beanie · Bear ears · Cheese hat · Cherry hat · Egg hat · Green fedora · Flamingo hat · Flower hat · Knight helmet · Plant hat · Antenna · Balloon · Bird nest · Black bandana · Caution sign hat · Chef hat · CCC cap · Do-rag · Dum sticky note · Fez · General hat · Pompadour · Hunter hat · Mysterious vagabond mask · Ram horns · Snow Crewmate · Geoff Keighley mask · Angry eyebrows · Unicorn hat · Chocolate ice cream · Heart pin  · Rubber glove · Ponytail · Zipper hat · Purple traffic cone
Astronaut helmet · Brain Slug · Bush hat · Captain hat · Double top hat · Flowerpot hat · Goggles · Hard hat · Military hat · Paper hat · Party hat · Police hat · Stethoscope · Top hat · Towel wizard · Ushanka · Viking · Wall guard cap · Snowman hat · Antlers · Christmas lights hat · Santa hat · Christmas tree hat · Present hat · Candy canes hat · Elf hat · White hat · Crown · Eyebrows · Angel halo · Elf cap · Snorkel · Henry figure · Eyeball lamp · Toppat Clan leader hat · Crewmate hat
Skin Bundles
MIRA hazmat mask · MIRA security cap · MIRA landing headset
Archaeologist hat · Miner gear hat · Winter gear hat
The Airship:
Dave Panpa cap · Ellie Rose hair · Sven Svensson hat · Burt Curtis hat · Ellry mohawk · Thomas Chestershire monocles · Wizard hat · Fredrick Muenster hat · Mr. Macbeth hat · Toppat Henry Stickmin hat · Toppat Ellie Rose hat · Geoffrey Plumb hat · Right Hand Man hat and mustache
Cat head hat · Bat wings · Devil horns · Mohawk · Pumpkin hat · Spooky paper bag hat · Witch hat · Wolf ears · Pirate hat · Plague doctor mask · Knife hat · Hockey mask
Candy canes hat · Elf hat · Christmas lights hat · Present hat · Antlers · Santa hat · Snowman hat · Christmas tree hat
Ratchet ears
Drinking cap · Traffic cone · Pot hat
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