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This article is about a canceled project for Among Us and therefore may be out of date.
This article is for the game demo.
For the game mode, see Hide and Seek.

The HideNSeek Beta was a game demo by Innersloth, mainly worked on by Forest Willard, with features that were planned to be in Among Us 2. It requires ten people to start a game. Players must be in the Innersloth Discord server and link their account to play, and high scores would be recorded in a channel.[1] Development has been canceled due to the amount of popularity Among Us has received. The channels in the Discord server have now been marked as private for only the @Innersloth role, so the public cannot see the contents anymore, but the channels still exist. They before had been in the "HIDE N SEEK BETA?" category. The game servers appear to still be running, but the download links have been taken down from the page. It is announced in Summer Game Fest that it will be a new gamemode on Among Us.


HideNSeek Discord channels hidden.png

Forest Willard worked on HideNSeek in secret for a while in early 2020 before quietly dropping it a few months later, so it never really gained much of a following. By the time Among Us blew up, the game was fairly empty. A rumor started that the HideNSeek Beta was a testing grounds for an Among Us custom gamemodes update, so the Innersloth Discord server staff hid the channels shortly after to reduce the confusion that it was an Among Us beta of some sort.[2]


The game servers HideNSeek used piggybacked off of some spare Among Us servers.[2]


The interface is very basic, using just plain text — the font used is Liberation Sans. The icon is the Among Us logo but flipped horizontally. The map consists of some boxes or obstacles, which are filled with slanted lines. The players are assorted colors from Among Us, and some of the interface is just the raw assets from Among Us, but without any colors applied.


In the Innersloth Discord server, a channel known as #hidenseek-leaderboard existed, where the top players would be listed. InnerslothBot#3752 would keep the lists up to date.



  • WASD - Movement
  • E - Set Ghost (During Hide Phase)



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