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Host is a menu and a UX element that can be accessed by any player in Online menu.


The host screen can be accessed by clicking on the "Create Game" button. On the top of the screen, it will display the banner of the currently selected map. On the bottom of the banner, there are options to choose. On the top, there will be 15 Characters in a row, with 1-3 of them being Impostors, as highlighted with red.


  • The host can kick and ban people from their lobby.
  • Only the host can start the game.
  • The host can change some of the game options using the laptop under the game tab.
  • The host can change the game to either public or private.


  • The image background changes depending on the selected map.
    • Due to a bug, The Airship had the same image as The Skeld instead of the asset specifically for it. This was later fixed.[1]



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