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But there may be an alien impostor aboard! One crewmate has been replaced by a parasitic shapeshifter.

—Innersloth's Official Website

The Impostor is one of the two possible roles in Among Us.


The primary goal of the Impostor is to kill enough Crewmates to have an equal amount of Impostor(s) and Crewmates before all tasks are completed and to have their true identity remain hidden.

The Impostor cannot complete any tasks; however, they are given a fake task list as general guidance on how to feign the appearance of a Crewmate. Impostors have the ability to perform various acts of sabotage to force Crewmates into unfortunate scenarios, which, if failed by the Crewmates, will lead to an easy win for the Impostor(s).

Chances of being an Impostor

Depending on game settings, there can be up to three Impostors in a game. The chance of a player being an Impostor is 100% multiplied by the number of Impostors divided by the number of players, for example: in a one-Impostor lobby of 2, each player has a 50% chance of being an Impostor, whereas, on a lobby of 4, each player has a 25% chance, and in a lobby of 10, each player has a 10% chance, etc. This chance does not change regardless of your record as an Impostor or Crewmate; it is consistently random between all lobby members.

Ejecting animations

Impostors, if discovered (and received the most amount of votes), will be ejected from the map and killed in the process. This is depicted through various scenes depending on the current map: if playing in The Skeld, the Impostor is thrown out through the airlock and into space; on MIRA HQ, they are dropped down from the station to fall to their death, and on Polus, they are thrown into a pool of lava. A difference between the Crewmates ejection animation and the Impostor ejection animation is the Impostor will have a thumbs up when falling into the lava. In contrast, a Crewmate will stick their hand out, like reaching for help (The Impostor giving a thumbs up is a reference to Terminator 2). If there are still other Impostors left after one is ejected, that Impostor will become a ghost, as the crew would. However, if no Impostors remain alive, the crew wins immediately. As a ghost, Impostors can continue to sabotage the map to help their fellow Impostors win if they want to.


  • Scene where an Impostor shoots a Crewmate.
  • Scene where an Impostor stabs a Crewmate.
  • Scene where an Imposter impales a Crewmate.
  • Scene where an Impostor snaps a Crewmate's Neck.



The Kill icon

An Impostor has the ability to kill a Crewmate. Killing a Crewmate turns them into a ghost and leaves a dead body in the spot they were killed at. Kills have a cooldown of 10-60 seconds and a kill distance of either Short, Normal, or Long, both of which depend on game settings. Try to be really sneaky while doing this, do not let the cameras or other crewmates see you. The only person it is safe to kill in front of is one of your fellow Impostors.

In the view of the Impostor, when killing someone, the player's body is broken in half, where after a few seconds, they fall to the ground, exposing their bone. However, blood does not appear in the animation. In the Crewmate victim's view, while their body falls to the ground, an animation is shown, which can appear in different ways; either the crew member is shot, stabbed, impaled, or has their neck snapped.

The kill cooldown comes to a halt/stops if you are accessing tools or fixing crises, such as being inside a vent, looking through security cameras, accessing the admin map, looking through logs, or fixing oxygen/lights/communications/reactor.

The kill cooldown is shortened to 10 seconds on the first round before any meetings and will be set to the normal cooldown time after a body has been reported or an emergency meeting is called.

The killing ability also forces the Impostor to move instantaneously to the Crewmate's location, essentially teleporting there, leaving a faint trail of their presence in their previous location. If the kill distance is set to 'Short' or 'Long,' teleporting distance will vary.



The Sabotage icon

An Impostor has the ability to Sabotage, which compromises an aspect of the map's machinery, creating a temporary problem that Crewmates must either wait out, ignore, or fix. Previously, Impostors could not solve sabotage, which made discovering them easier, but updates to the game allowed an Impostor to fix their own sabotage to avoid suspicion. Sabotage can also be done as a ghost. When in the Impostor menu, you can close doors in front of people to stop them from going anywhere, and this can also trick people into thinking that another person is the impostor then vote them out. There is also a neat trick when you kill someone on one side of the map, and you can sabotage the other to draw people away from the body.

The Reactor Meltdown and the O2 Shutdown are types of sabotages that, if not fixed, will result in a win for the Impostor. Sabotaging lights or communications will not result in a win but will make it harder for Crewmates to do their tasks until fixed by compromising their vision or task list, respectively.

The Reactor Meltdown (or Seismic Stabilizer Sabotage on Polus) is a type of sabotage where two Crewmates must press a button at the same time to stop the meltdown of the reactor, or else the Impostor will win. This forces more than one Crewmate to go to the area and stop the sabotage instead of only one Crewmate stopping the sabotage. This sabotage is best done when there are 2 people left in a one impostor game, 3 people left in a 2 impostor game, or 6 people left in a 3 impostor game.

The O2 Shutdown Sabotage is sabotage where the oxygen on the map will deplete, and a passcode must be inserted at two different locations to stop it, or else the Impostor will win. Unlike the reactor meltdown, however, one Crewmate can insert both codes. The O2 Sabotage is not present on the Polus map.

The Communications sabotage will make finding their tasks much harder, forcing them to fix communications; however, it can be ignored. A communications sabotage will also disable functions such as Admin, Doorlog, Vitals, and Security Cameras for all players, regardless of whether they are an impostor or Crewmate. The sabotage requires Crewmates to find the correct frequency for communication on the Skeld and Polus and requires 2 different passcodes to be inputted on the MIRA HQ map.

The Lights sabotage will lower the Crewmates' vision; it often plays with their eyes and makes them suspect one another when a nearby Crewmate is killed. This can also be ignored; however, it is not recommended due to the higher chance of not finding the dead body of Crewmates and not seeing nearby players who are potential Impostors. This sabotage requires Crewmates to go to Electrical (Or Office on MIRA HQ) and flick light switches to reset the lights. If the vision settings are set to 4.0 or higher, the sabotage will have no strong effects except disabling the emergency button.

The Impostor can Sabotage Doors, closing them for 10 seconds. This Sabotage has a 17-second cooldown, which begins when the door is initially sabotaged, meaning that after the door opens, the Impostor will have to wait 7 seconds before closing it again. Sabotage cannot be accessed beside or inside vents. In the Polus map, the doors must be opened manually by flipping the switches in the right way.

All sabotage cooldowns are shared between all Impostors, so you may hamper your teammate if you sabotage something. All sabotage cooldowns besides doors are the same, so sabotaging one thing, you activate a cooldown for all other sabotages (except the doors).



The Vent icon

The Impostor can hide in vents. Vents allow the Impostor to either hide or quickly move around the map. When close enough to a vent, the Sabotage button will be replaced with the vent button. However, hiding in a vent pauses both kill and sabotage cooldowns until the Impostor exits the vent. The Admin panel can still detect Impostors hiding in the vents of a room.



The Report icon

When a player gets near a dead body, the report button becomes usable. Like the crew, Impostors can use this ability to report dead bodies anywhere. This is also a form of disguise whose purpose is to avoid suspicion. When reporting, this opens up the moment of discussion about who the Impostor is.



The Use icon

Impostors also have this ability that allows them to interact with only the emergency button, the Admin Panel, Security, Vitals, Doorlog, Communications, Reactor, Lights, and O2.


General Approaches

Rush attack: Single

  • Playing aggressively at the start of the round to get at least two easy kills can be efficient as long as the group stays split. Twice as effective when in double Impostor games as long as double kills are in sync.
  • This approach is more effective against groups who tend to go for quick task wins rather than catching the Impostors.
  • People tend not to vote on suspicious behavior near the start since it's generally better not to risk losing people early if it means quick task completion.
  • Combine with lights out to secure kills near witnesses and then vent to fix lights.
  • Since the aim is to kill right out of cooldowns, check admin to get locations and vent in on a lone target.
  • Generally, vote with the crowd to prevent ties.
  • Rotate between kills and sabotage to keep task progress low rather than combo kills since you'll be playing against the clock.
  • Self-reporting is risky since you haven't built up alibis throughout the round.

Rush attack: doubles

  • Pretend to buddy up with the other Impostor at the start of the game. Trail behind the main group slightly and attack when two targets are positioned near a vent. Escape into the vent soon after.
  • With some luck, the Crewmates can argue amongst themselves, oblivious of the second death in the area.
  • Both votes on the accused to guarantee an ejection generally.

Rush attack: triples

  • Kill a Crewmate as quickly as possible. If every Impostor does this, then they can vote out one more Crewmate securing the win.

Slow play: single

  • Rather than rushing to secure kills, try and infiltrate the group and feign innocence by sticking to large groups. Faking tasks is much less noticeable with this method.
  • Select a few members to follow around and do tasks to gain their trust while killing other Crewmates when the group is otherwise occupied.
  • If someone offers to prove their innocence through visual tasks, go along with it. This only furthers your trust with the Crewmate.
  • Only kill with an exit plan so you can create an alibi when the body is found.
  • Later into the game, you can risk a self-report if you think it is split to get a member hopefully removed.
  • When voting begins, remain neutral to start while maintaining confidence when interrogated or accused. Perhaps voting people off aggressively isn't the right approach initially, but generally, don't lead the conversation but remain confident when interrogated.
  • Spend a lot of time memorizing where you are and what tasks you could have been doing while killing someone.
  • Be wary of the taskbar as it should dictate your pace of work.
  • Use cameras once you've claimed to have finished tasks.
  • With slow play, sabotage is your best friend. Sabotaging lights is especially useful, as it allows you to make aggressive plays without risk of being accused.
  • Use doors to trap targets for safe kills or make Crewmates suspicious of others they were trapped with.

Slow Play: doubles

  • Stay away from your partner to have different alibis and make sure neither of you is in danger of being voted. Be aware of how vouching aggressively raises suspicion.
  • To set up long-range sabotage kills, play on opposite map sides to increase the chances of killing multiple Crewmates with singular sabotage.

General strategies and plays

  • Drop Kill - On maps with a drop-ship or entry zone, fake a task before making a kill. Afterward, sabotage something (preferably lights) and run away. Take care not to run into anyone who may check for this, or they will accuse you.
  • Death Chamber - On The Skeld or Polus, head to Admin and use it to find a solo Crewmate. Immediately lock their room and get in as fast as possible, checking if cams are on before venting. Secure the kill before sabotaging lights and venting out to fix them. This eliminates suspicion because the body won't get found until lights are fixed, and no one can confirm you were in the kill room. Note that a kill room is only valid if it has both doors and a vent. A fast lock is crucial to avoid a second Crewmate entering the targeted room. If this happens, you'll get caught venting in. Learn vent links before trying this strategy; it greatly improves success chance.
  • Distracted By Task Kill - When a Crewmate does their task, usually a large area of their screen is covered mainly to focus only on that task, thus limiting their view in their surroundings. You can kill nearby Crewmates in front of Crewmates who are distracted doing swipe card. However, take note this strategy is hazardous, as you cannot tell if a Crewmate is genuinely doing their task or pretending to be to catch the killer in the act, which has high risks and high rewards after all.
  • Vent Body camp - Kill a target over a vent and call sabotages that don't lead people to your location. Hide nearby and when your kill ability's cooldown ends, hide in the vent and wait. When another person arrives, kill them and repeat the sabotage to stop Crewmates from reporting the body. This is usually a bad idea to do as the Crewmates press the button if they felt something odd in their surroundings, such as disappearing Crewmates who never appeared once again and a very suspicious person staying in the same location.
  • Skeld Light Kill - On The Skeld map, head to the Medbay at the game's start. When your kill cooldown ends, sabotage the lights and vent into the Electrical area. Kill the first person to arrive and vent out to frame whoever enters next. This is effective because nobody else would have reasonably seen the body beforehand.
  • Sabotage Final Kill - When in a 2 v 1 or 3 v 2 situation, call sabotage on a fatal emergency (such as reactor) and wait near it. Kill, or double kill whoever enters. Since you can call it quicker than an emergency meeting can be called in most cases, you can't be stopped unless a body is found. This essentially guarantees a win.
  • Immunity killer - If a player proves they aren't the Impostor through a visual task (such as Medbay scan), killing them is of high priority. They become the most trustworthy player in the lobby; otherwise, so being caught by them guarantees your demise.
  • Public enemy number 2 - If a suspicious innocent player is present in the round, go out of your way not to kill them but those who have targeted them. Always vote to tie to waste voting phases and keep pressure off yourself.
  • Self-reporting: Simply the act of reporting a body you killed. It can be used to inspire trust if you double back and 'find' it with other Crewmates or accuse another innocent to win the round. Be wary, however: if used repeatedly, its effectiveness can be mitigated. This tactic is dangerous on Polus because vital signs can show the crew that the body was reported immediately after being killed.
  • Crowd Kill - First, gather at least 4 Crewmates together to one spot. This can be done easily by sabotaging lights or comms. Then, when everyone is on top of each other, fake doing the task and then kill someone. The body will be reported within seconds. This is a pretty easy way to avoid suspicion because everyone is on top of each other. This could also get a Crewmate ejected from the group if accused. However, this is a risky strategy if used multiple times in succession, as Crewmates may notice that you are always present in the group.
  • Cam killing - On the Skeld, if you see the camera light flashing in the MedBay or security hallway, you can vent into security, get a quick kill, and get out easily.
  • Talking - Make sure you talk during meetings. It has been said you shouldn't talk unless spoken to during meetings, but people will get very suspicious of your silence. However, talking too much may give yourself away as it may seem you are stalling for the meeting to end. Do not accuse too much, and when someone suspects you, stay calm and tell them why you are innocent. Acting confused can also work. Make sure to use a consistent tone of voice in meetings, so your voice tone doesn't give you away either.
  • Kill the Suspectors - With common sense being noted, kill the suspectors first with the highest priority. Make sure they won’t be able to pin suspicions on you at meetings. However, this strategy is hazardous as Crewmates may remember that the Crewmate suspected you are now dead.
  • Play dumb - Let's get an example: You or your fellow Impostor (if you're in a match of 2 or 3 Impostors.) had called critical sabotage, like a Reactor Meltdown or Oxygen Depletion, pretend to try to fix the sabotage, then when somebody is close enough, kill them, then go back to pretend to fix the crisis as soon as possible, but this time, actually fix it or let somebody else report the body while you pretend. They won't suspect anything, and you can say that you were fixing the crisis and couldn't see anything; they'll probably believe you and vote off the Crewmate that reported the body, thinking they did a self-report. This task is best done when there are 2 Impostors.
  • Betray your Impostor teammate - If you see your teammate kill a Crewmate in front of you, report the body and tell them what you saw (it's risky if they tell everyone about you being his teammate); this strategy is best done if you see them using the Play Dumb strategy, if they're quick though, they can pull a self-report on you and blame you, you'll be voted off, implying you've been played with the same strategy you tried to use.
  • Donot fake common tasks that you don't have - Example: If you have the Swipe Card task but not the Fix Wiring task, do not fake the Fix Wiring task as it is a common task that no one else has (unless the common tasks are shared among the other Crewmates).


Description Audio
The Impostor's sound victory.
Played when the Impostor disconnects.
Played when the Impostor kills a Crewmate.



This animation shows that the Pink crewmate has been replaced with a parasitic alien that is killing the White crewmate.

  • According to the official Innersloth site, the Impostor is confirmed to be an alien, (as in a different species from the Crewmates), and is confirmed as a parasitic shapeshifter (But there may be an alien impostor aboard! One crewmate has been replaced by a parasitic shapeshifter[1]). It is further implied from the following reasons:
    • One of the Impostor's attacks depicts them opening their rather large mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, then impaling the targeted Crewmate's head with their spear-like tongue, killing them. This also implies that the spacesuit and other cosmetics worn by Impostors are also a part of their organic bodies; however, the hat falls off, as you can see above.
    • Another attack is the Impostor snapping the crewmate‘s neck, implying that impostors are very strong.
    • The Impostors will win if the ship's oxygen is depleted, implying that the Impostors can survive without oxygen.
    • They can also win if the Reactor or Seismic Stabilizers meltdown, proving they can survive in extreme conditions and environments.
    • The Impostors have normal vision during a lights sabotage, which means that the Impostors can see in the dark.
    • Getting scanned at the MedBay is perhaps the most well-known way of proving yourself a Crewmate, implying that the Impostor doesn't want the Crewmates or the ship's systems to know about their anatomy.
    • When a Crewmate gets killed on the Polus map, the Impostor's pulse on the Vital Signs Machine (Simsong) doesn't increase at all from stress or guilt. 
    • True or not, some pets are alien lifeforms, such as the Dog, Bedcrab, Brainslug, or UFO, which means that aliens other than the Impostors exist. 
  • The Impostors appear quite intelligent, able to sabotage advanced technology and blend in perfectly with Crewmates.
  • The origin and the true goal of the Impostors are unknown. They are not predatory aliens seeking food, as they do not consume the corpses of those they kill. It is possible that their species sent them for conquering the Crewmate's species or otherwise assimilating them, and it is also possible that the Impostors are killing for sport. As for how the Impostors infiltrated the Crewmate groups, it is possible that the Crewmates stopped on an alien world and had one of their members infected before starting the level.
    • Impostors do not kill pets that the Crewmates have, for reasons unknown, furthering a possibility that they are killing for sport.
    • They could also be simply wanting the Crewmate's/MIRA's research or information.
  • Impostors have more abilities than the crewmates due to their objective to kill all the crewmates and sabotage the ship.
  • If you are an Impostor, you can see the other Impostor(s) (other Impostor's name is colored in red).
  • In the Polus map, The Impostor will give a thumbs up if they are voted off and dropped into the lava. This is a reference from the 1991 movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
  • During game development, the Impostors were used to be called the "Infected."
  • The devs have confirmed a never used kill animation that was only ever discussed for a short period and never actually animated and added to the game, the concept in question being the Imposter pulling out wire or string and forcibly choking a struggling crewmate before they pass away quickly. This was never used due to being said to be too gruesome for the game. This would have likely been a nod towards the Hitman Series.
  • Originally, if an Impostor had the medbay scan in their fake tasks list, they could submit a scan.


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"Infected players can use vents to escape crime scenes and avoid witnesses!" - Innersloth FB page(Feb. 25, 2018)
Crewmate Impostor Ghost
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