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The Innersloth Merchandise Store is the official storefront for Innersloth, the developers of Among Us. On October 7, 2020, the store was temporarily closed because it was out of stock. Innersloth is currently working on new merch for Holiday '20, now teaming up with Dual Wield Studio.[1] The store relaunched a month later on November 7, 2020, with new merch.[2] You can visit the store at!



These designs are on various products.

  • "Me, The Impostor? Lol."
  • "Who Could Have Done This?"
  • Come On Up to MIRA HQ
  • Crewmate Space Party
  • Ejected
    • And a variation with the text "Not An Imposter." [sic]
  • Impostor Incognito
  • Pink Egg
  • Shhh! (In different colors)
  • Spacemates in Blue
  • Stay Safe on Polus
  • Welcome to The Skeld
  • Crewmate Task Parade
  • Crewmate (On all colors)
  • Mini Crewmate Pocket (shirts only)
  • Shhhirt (shirts only)
  • Not Quite Survived Electrical
  • A-Mug-Us (mugs only)
  • 0 Days Since Last Kill (wall clock and color-changing mug only)


The designs are on many different clothing products.

  • Adult tees
  • Youth tees
  • Socks


The designs are on many different accessories.

  • Notebook
  • Mousepad
  • Phone Case
  • Tote Bag
  • Ruled and Unruled Journal
  • Desk Mat
  • Duffel Bag
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Party Scarf
  • Fanny Pack
  • Accessory Pack
  • Backpack
  • Mug
  • Blanket
  • Hooded Blanket
  • Fleece Blanket
  • Tumbler
    • 10oz
    • 20oz
  • Wall Clock
  • Color Changing Mug



  • The Menacing T-shirt refers to the Dio walk meme, which was popular from 2018 to mid-2019.
  • The Among Us "Who?" T-shirt references the trend of players writing "Where?" when a body is reported.
  • The screenshot of an Among Us Crewmate Plushie falling from the sky refers to the MIRA HQ map. When a player is ejected there, they are thrown from the sky.
  • The "Not Quite Survived Electrical" shirt refers the fact that Electrical on The Skeld is a room where a Crewmate has more chances of being killed by An Impostor.
  • The "Me, The Impostor? Lol." notebook takes its design from the Lady Pointing at Cat Meme, which was a popular meme in June 2019.

Other Products

Phone Cases

Mugs & Tumblers




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