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Insert Keys is a common or short task in Among Us, featured on Polus.


The task is performed by dragging the black and silver key shown to the left of the locks to the appropriate keyhole (highlighted with yellow), inserting it (turning the exterior color into blue in doing so), and rotating it to the left or right by 90 degrees.


  • The keyhole's position is determined by the order in which players entered the lobby. The host's is always the top keyhole on the left. The next player's is the second keyhole down on the left, and so on. Once every keyhole on the left is taken, the pattern repeats on the middle, then the right.
    • The keyhole's position is always the top left in Practice.
  • There is a Brain Slug attached to the keyring, which is a reference to Futurama. A purchasable hat and pet based on the Brain Slug also exists.
  • If the 'Common Tasks' option is set to 0, it is possible to have Insert Keys as a short task. In this circumstance, not everyone will have the task.
  • In version 2021.6.15, an extra column of keyholes was added to the task interface to accommodate for the addition of five extra players. The panel used to initiate the task still shows only two columns, however.



The sound played when the player grabs the key.
The sound played when the player inserts the key into the keyhole.
The sound played when the player rotates the key.
The sound played when the player completely rotates the key.