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Inspect Sample is a long task in Among Us, featured on The Skeld and Polus.


Stage 1[]

When a player starts Inspect Sample, a machine holding five test tubes will appear. First, the player must press the small green button near the bottom-right corner of the machine. Once the button is pressed, the machine will quickly dispense a liquid into each test tube. The top of the machine will then read "ETA 59", and the number will decrease every second. The Crewmate can then close the task window, as the counter will continue to decrease even outside of the task window.

Stage 2[]

After 59 seconds have gone by, including time spent in emergency meetings, the player will need to return to the machine to complete the task. To complete it, they must press the green button below the red-colored sample.

If done successfully, the top of the machine will read "THANK YOU!" and the bottom will read "TEST COMPLETE".

If one of the four blue samples are selected, the machine will read "BAD RESULT", the green buttons will flash red, and the whole process will need to be repeated.


  • During Inspect Sample's startup, a screen at the bottom of the machine will read "HELLO" and then "PRESS TO START -->".
  • After the green button is pressed, the bottom text on the machine reads "ADDING REAGENT".
  • If the player does not leave the task window after a period of time, the bottom text will read: "YOU DON'T NEED TO WAIT", "GO DO SOMETHING ELSE", "TAKE A BREAK", or "GO GRAB A COFFEE". This is to tell the player that the task will finish the countdown even if they are not in the task's window.
  • The task could be a reference to a test for detecting the presence of reducing sugars. The reagent added is blue, which could indicate that Benedict's reagent was used. To check for a positive test, the samples must be boiled for between one and two minutes, explaining the 60 seconds (one minute) wait time. A positive Benedict's test would show a color change to red, whereas negative tests would remain blue.
  • In an older version of Among Us, the timer on Inspect Sample's interface showed a whole number with no decimal places. This was changed in a later update, and the timer now shows up to five decimal places.
  • If the player is killed while the task is adding reagent and returns to the task as a ghost, the countdown starts but no test tubes are seen. However, the glitch could be automatically resolved. First, the body is being reported. Then, the emergency meeting starts. After the emergency meeting ends, the ghost will go back to the task, selects the red sample, and the task is completed.



The sound that plays when the button is pressed to dispense the liquid.
The sounds played as the liquid is being dispensed.
The sound played when the samples reappear.
The sound played when the incorrect anomaly is selected.