Kicking is a mechanic in Among Us usable by everyone (except ghosts) during an emergency meeting, or by a host in the lobby.


Kicking is a feature usable by a host between games in the lobby, and allows them to kick and remove anyone from their game. For the host to kick a player, they must go into the chat, press the button to kick a player, and select the player's name in which the host would like removed. The host will also have the option to ban the player. If kicked, the player will be disconnected from the server, but can join back as long as the game has not started.

During an emergency meeting, players can vote to kick others. If a player chooses to kick someone, the background behind the target's name will start to turn red, similar to a standard progress bar. When three players vote to kick someone and the progress bar is full, the person is kicked from the game. Ghosts cannot vote to kick someone. When a person is kicked from a game, the message "[playername] was kicked by [hostname]" will appear in the bottom left corner. This happens even if they were kicked by vote and the host did not participate in the vote kick.


  • When a player is kicked from a lobby, they can rejoin that lobby again until the game starts by clicking the arrow next to the "Enter Code" field without typing in the game code.




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