Kill is a ability in Among Us, used only by the impostors.


Only imposters can use the kill ability, and it is used to kill crew members. The kill cooldown can span from 10 to 60 seconds and the kill distance being short, medium or long, depending on the settings of the server. However, when an impostor is in a vent, viewing cameras, sensors, vitality machine, or fixing the lights, the kill cooldown pauses, unpausing when the appropriate action is stopped.

The ability cannot bypass through walls/obstructions as the ability works in a certain distance in a straight line, such that if there is an object between the crewmate and impostor, the kill option will be deactivated.

Kill Vision


  • A impostor killing a crewmate on the impostor vision.
  • A impostor killing a crewmate on the crewmate vision.

When an impostor kills an innocent, he breaks his victim in the middle, where the blood comes out, and the body falls to the ground. This is the time for the impostor to flee, hid in a vent, or report.


In the innocent's view, when he is killed by an impostor, an animation appears on the screen, which consists of various ways for the impostor to kill, such as twisting his victim's neck, stabbing him with a knife or a pointed tongue, or shooting him with a gun.


  • The kill music was reused from Innersloth's other game, The Henry Stickmin Collection. The episode this was used in was Fleeing the Complex.


Description Audio
The sound played when the impostor kills a crewmate (on the Impostor's vision).
Impostor kill
The sound track that plays when the impostor kills the crewmate with a gun.
The sound that plays when the impostor kills the crewmate by breaking their neck.
The music played when a crewmate is killed by the Imposter.
Impostor killMusic


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