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Laboratory is a location in Among Us on MIRA HQ and Polus.



On MIRA HQ, Laboratory is located across from Reactor, and past Decontamination. It features a one-way window that can only be looked through on the hallway side. Along the top wall are panels for Fix Wiring, Accept Diverted Power, and Assemble Artifact. There is also a vent in the top right corner, directly connected to the vents in Reactor and Decontamination. At the bottom, there is a table used for Sort Samples.


Laboratory on Polus is a large room encompassing several smaller rooms. At the left entrance is a long hallway that connects two sections. The left-most section is an exposed area with a drill used in Repair Drill. The right-most section is the weather station that features a television with the weather forecast on it. In addition, there are two panels along the top wall used for the Record Temperature and the second stage of the Fix Weather Node tasks.

At the end of the hallway is the central lab room, which features a lab table in the center and a telescope for Align Telescope. On the far right is MedBay, which features hospital beds and a scanner in the back, for Submit Scan, as well as a panel right outside MedBay for Inspect Sample.

Below the central lab is the bathroom. On the left, there are three stalls, one of which is kicked out to provide a Fix Wiring panel and a vent. On the right side, there is another Fix Wiring panel and a door leading to Decontamination.



Name Stages Task Type
Sort Samples 1 of 1 Short
Assemble Artifact 1 of 1 Short
Accept Diverted Power 2 of 2 Short
Fix Wiring 3 of 3 Common


Name Stages Task Type
Fix Weather Node (TB, IRO, PD, GI) 2 of 2 Long
Fix Weather Node (CA, MLG) 2 of 2 Short
Record Temperature 1 of 1 Short
Repair Drill 1 of 1 Short
Fix Wiring (right) 2–3 of 3 Common
Fix Wiring (left) 3 of 3 Common
Align Telescope 1 of 1 Short




On MIRA HQ, there is a vent in the top-right corner that directly leads to Reactor, Decontamination, and Office.


On Polus, there is a vent in one of the bathroom stalls that directly leads to the vent outside Laboratory against the wall.


Door Sabotage


On Polus, the door leading to Laboratory and the door leading to the drill can be locked via Door Sabotage and must be opened manually by flicking four switches.

Reset Seismic Stabilizers


Impostors can Sabotage Laboratory on Polus, causing Reset Seismic Stabilizers. However, the Sabotage is not resolved at Laboratory but instead at the Seismic Stabilizers. It is still a Sabotage on Laboratory as the button to trigger the Sabotage is over that location.


  • On Polus, if An Impostor uses the vent in the bathroom stalls, then The Impostor's name will temporarily clip through the back wall.
    • This can be countered if The Impostor presses the vent button as soon as it replaces the Sabotage button—which can appear before The Impostor stands directly above the vent. Pressing the button causes The Impostor to glitch and go into the ground when they get automatically teleported into the vent.
  • As Innersloth stated on Twitter, there is a Crewmate that is visually similar to White in the middle stall within the bathroom on Polus.[1]
  • MedBay is labeled as "Laboratory" on Polus.



The ambience sound of Laboratory on MIRA HQ.
The ambience sound near Repair Drill in Laboratory on Polus.
The ambience sound of Laboratory on Polus.
The ambience sound of Laboratory's weather station section on Polus.
The ambience sounds of Laboratory's bathroom on Polus.


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