Ladders are objects on The Airship in Among Us.


Ladders appear around The Airship in different set locations. When used, players will either climb up or slide down the ladder, depending on their relative positions. Multiple players can use a single ladder at once. When a player climbs up or slides down a ladder, the sound of them doing so can be heard across the entire map.

On The Airship, there are three ladders: one connecting Meeting Room and Gap Room, one connecting two different elevations in Gap Room, and one connecting Main Hall and Electrical.

While on ladders, Impostors' kill cooldowns will be paused, and they cannot Sabotage. Players cannot open their personal maps on a ladder. Sliding down ladders is also significantly faster than climbing up them.


  • When a player is using a ladder, all other players can hear the sound effects, no matter how far away they are from the location.
    • Players can also tell which ladder another player used by how long the sound effect lasts.
  • Pets cannot be seen when a player is using a ladder.



Description Audio
The sound played when a player climbs up a ladder.
The sound played when a player slides down a ladder.
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