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This article is for the pre-game lobby.
For the location on Polus, see Dropship.
Alternatively, for the the location which contains the dropship on MIRA HQ, see Launchpad.

The lobby is where players spawn when they join a game in Among Us.


The lobby is a small spaceship with five seats at the top of each side, which are the spawning locations for players, and an entrance door at the top dividing the two sets of seats. In addition, there are two large, greenish-teal crates in the lower half and a smaller crate, on which there is a laptop the host can use to edit the game's options. There is also a panel that players can use to access their wardrobe and change their cosmetics.

The lobby is near-identical to Dropship on Polus. The only differences are the absence of the three crates and the inclusion of Chart Course and Insert Keys. This ship can also be seen from the outside in Launchpad on MIRA HQ, although it is inaccessible.

The Start button used by the host.

The players can see the options set by the host for the game in the upper left corner and the room code at the bottom middle of the screen. The number of players in the lobby is displayed to the right of the room code. A button to the left of the room code says whether the room is public or private. The host can change this by pressing the button. The host will also see a Start button at the bottom of their screen. It will be translucent and unusable if there are fewer than four players. If the game starts at four players, there will be a warning saying that it will not be fun to play and very difficult for the Crewmates to win.

When players join the lobby, the seats they appear in are in the ascending order of when they joined the lobby. The 11th to 15th players will join in the 1st to 5th seats since there are only ten seats. If someone leaves, the next player to join will appear in the leaver's seat. The players also join with an animation that involves the character glowing white while slowly becoming the player. Once the transformation has been completed, they jump out of their seat and can freely move around in the lobby. When the player joins, they have the same cosmetics and color as the last round that they started. If said color is already taken, the player's color will be changed to the next available one. If a player joins with a name identical to one already in the game, players with matching names after the first to exist in the same lobby will be numbered in the order they joined.


  • All players can chat with each other in the lobby using either chat or Quick Chat.
  • The host can kick or ban people from their lobby.
  • The host can start the game.
  • The host can change some of the game options and enable certain roles using the customize laptop.
  • Players can access the wardrobe, which allows them to change their cosmetics and access their Cosmicubes.
  • It is possible to test out the player speed option before starting the game.
  • The room code can be copied and pasted into an external application, and it can also be hidden if "Streamer Mode" is enabled from the settings.
  • At the bottom of the screen, positioned to the right of the code, it displays how many people are on the current server compared to the maximum number of people allowed in the lobby.
  • Hosts can choose a maximum number of players in their lobby and the number of Impostors while creating it. The current maximum number of players is 15 and used to be 10 before version 2021.6.15. The maximum number of Impostors is 3.
  • Players can report another player's account if they are misbehaving in the lobby.


  • The lobby holds many similarities to The Skeld:
    • The lower part of the lobby makes a sound similar to the corridors on The Skeld, whereas the upper part makes no noise.
    • The floor of the lobby looks similar to the floor of Storage on The Skeld.
    • The lobby engines look similar to those on The Skeld, with the same shape and light blue flames.
  • Sometimes, when joining, a player's name may be shown as "???", and/or the player may appear as Fortegreen. Both are caused by the player's character not fully loading into the game. This might show for a split second
    • The player's name used to show "???" instead of "GareBear", but this change was reverted.
  • The lobby is the only location in Among Us where players are not assigned roles.
  • The lobby is the only location that is not on any map.
  • The lobby is the only location that all players can use chat or Quick Chat anytime.
  • The lobby is the only location with "Kick" and "Start" in Quick Chat.



The main ambience sound of the lobby.
The sound played when a player joins a lobby.
The sound played when a player leaves a game or gets kicked or banned from a game.