Lounge is a location in Among Us on The Airship.


Lounge is comprised of two connected rooms: one with pool tables and another with bathroom stalls. The room containing pool tables has purple carpet and two pool tables in the center. Hung on the back wall are cue sticks, dart boards, and a Fix Wiring panel. The back-left exit connects to Records, while the front-right exit connects to the stalls.

In the room with stalls is a tiled floor, four bathroom stalls with toilets and plungers, and a trash can near the exit to the pool tables. Each stall is closed with a green door, which can be opened by using it. The door will stay open for 10 seconds before closing again. The front-right exit connects to the backmost set of stairs in Cargo Bay.


The Airship

Name Stages Task Type
Clean Toilet 1 of 1 Short
Fix Wiring 2–3 of 3 Common


  • Players can lock themselves in the bathroom stalls in Lounge by using one of the doors, entering it, and waiting for it to close.
    • However, other players cannot see this. Instead, they see the player standing outside the door.
  • Outside the bathroom stalls, there is a fake bin for Empty Garbage.


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