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This article is for the southern location on The Skeld.
For the northern location on The Skeld, see Upper Engine.
Alternatively, for the location on The Airship, see Engine Room.

Lower Engine is a location in Among Us on The Skeld.


Lower Engine is a small room on The Skeld, located at the bottom-left corner of the map. There is a vent in the bottom right corner, which leads to Reactor. There is a big engine on the left side, with panels for a couple of the tasks, and Accept Diverted Power is located above, right below the hall. This location is connected to two hallways; one leading to Reactor, Security, and Upper Engine, and one leading to Electrical and Storage.


The Skeld

Name Stages Task Type
Fuel Engines 2B of 1A-2B Long
Align Engine Output 1-2 of 2

(designated: 2)

Accept Diverted Power 2 of 2 Short



Door Sabotage

Impostors can temporarily close the doors via Door Sabotage, locking players and hindering them from running tasks elsewhere or leaving the room. Impostors can use the vent in the room to escape and vent to Reactor.


In the bottom-right part of the room, there is a vent which leads to Reactor. Impostors can use the vent to exit the room during Door Sabotage.


  • In the first stage of the Divert Power task, Lower Engine is abbreviated as "R. Engine".
  • On the Nintendo Switch edition, if the player is using a controller with HD Rumble capabilities, the controller will rumble with a higher intensity as they get closer to the engine's structure.
  • In the Task Tester 2000, Lower Engine and Upper Engine are merged as "Engines".



The main setting sound of Lower Engine, as well as Upper Engine.
The steam sound from the engine.
The shock sounds from the engine.