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The MIRA HQ building, a skyscraper that reaches high into what is most likely the atmosphere of the Crewmates' home planet, and pierces the clouds.

MIRA is a fictional company and organization within the world of Among Us with the goal of researching, exploring, and collecting data from outer space. MIRA's home base, an extremely tall building, serves as the main setting of the in-game map MIRA HQ. Crewmates work for MIRA, collecting and studying samples of wildlife, crystals, and journal entries from other planets, such as Polus. The Crew's main form of travel is The Skeld, a cargo spaceship designed for traveling to other planets, along with the Dropship, a compact landing ship that players visit before every game. These spaceships are most likely provided by MIRA to the Crewmates and allow direct travel from MIRA HQ to any other MIRA-owned bases. The MIRA staff's day-to-day work and duties consist of studying samples, and repairing equipment.


During the events of Among Us, the headquarters have been evacuated due to an abundance of Impostors. The astronauts and the occasional staff member need to find said Impostors in order to save their research as well as fill in for the staff by doing their jobs for them to avoid the headquarters from getting into the hands of The Impostors. It is unknown why The Impostors want the MIRA HQ, but it clearly goes against MIRA's plans.

The staff and personnel at MIRA consists of security guards, construction workers, hazard suit scientists, and astronauts.


  • As seen in Process Data, MIRA uses MIRA and SPACE file extensions. The purpose and function of these file extensions are unknown.
  • In the hallway between Launchpad and MedBay on MIRA HQ, MIRA's logo can be seen on the wall.
  • The Polus trailer is a MIRA corporation film, as shown in the beginning of the trailer.


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