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The MIRA Bundle includes two hats, three skins, and two visor cosmetics that are MIRA HQ themed. The price of the bundle is 20 Stars.



Name Image Description
Land Here Land Here.png A landing official will guide you on to the launchpad. Welcome to MIRA.
Hazmate Hazmate.png MIRA Hazmat team has been called in for containment of an unknown entity.
Keepin it Secure Keepin it Secure.png The MIRA Security team is on the case of missing people and missing pizza.


Name Image
Greatest Headset Greatest Headset MIRA.png
Tightened Security Tightened Security.png

Visor cosmetics

Name Image
Blocks Toxics Blocks Toxics.png
Shades Shades.png


  • Originally, the MIRA Bundle was released along with MIRA HQ, but after version 2020.6.9 in June 2020, the map was made free, leaving only the skins remained to be paid.