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This article is for the map.
For the organization, see MIRA.
Alternatively, for the skin bundle, see MIRA HQ skin bundle.

The crewmates are heading back to headquarters for the next map!

—Innersloth, official website[1]

MIRA HQ is the second map in Among Us, set high up in the Earth's atmosphere. The facility is owned by, and is the headquarters for the company MIRA.


After a long journey on The Skeld, the Crewmates decided to spend some time at the MIRA Headquarters. Surely there aren't as many Impostors there...


Development and Release

With the implementation of a map filter in 2019's first update, Innersloth officially confirmed the development of a second map.[2] Later, they revealed the map would be set on the Crewmates headquarters,[1] and released several concept arts from the new map on Discord.[3][4][5] The map was officially announced on August 3, 2019, along with a Henry Stickmin Collection update.[6] It was released on August 8, 2019, with a trailer uploaded on August 9, 2019.[7] At first, MIRA HQ was paid to have the ability to host a game on it, though other players could join for free, but later the price was adjusted to completely free.


Full map

BalconyDecontaminationMedBayCommunicationsLaboratoryLaunchpadReactorAdminOfficeStorageCafeteriaLocker RoomGreenhouseHallwayMIRA HQ map.png


  • MIRA HQ is set on a tall skyscraper, a part of an organization called MIRA. The Crewmates had possibly come back from space on The Skeld, from the rest of their adventures.
  • Process Data is a continuation of Upload Data, seen on The Skeld, Polus, and The Airship as it processes the data sent by the Crew on the other three maps.
    • Additionally, MIRA HQ was referenced on these maps with the title "Headquarters" in Upload Data.
  • MIRA HQ is the only map without Security, but in return, it is the only map with Doorlogs.
  • The vents on MIRA HQ are interconnected, meaning that An Impostor can use them to travel around the map more efficiently, unlike other maps. This makes vents a very efficient mode of transportation for Impostors, as they can kill someone and appear pretty much anywhere else on the map.
  • In Office, there is a poster displaying The Henry Stickmin Collection. The Henry Stickmin series is also developed by Innersloth, specifically one of the staff, Marcus Bromander.
    • The NRg drink can be seen in the vending machine in the Buy Beverage task, along with the Don Dew drink from the MLG sequence.
  • During Halloween 2019 and 2020, The Skeld and MIRA HQ received visual changes, giving it some Halloween decorations such as webs, spiders, bats, pumpkins, candles, etc. Players can also set their devices' dates to October 31, 2019 or October 31, 2020 and then play the game to get this version of the maps.
  • MIRA HQ is the smallest map in Among Us. The largest is The Airship.[8]

MIRA HQ first draft.png

  • Earlier in Among Us's history, MIRA HQ and Polus were DLC maps before the price kept decreasing as time went by, and eventually became free maps.[9][10]
  • MIRA HQ is the only currently available map without Door Sabotage.
  • On January 8, 2021, Innersloth posted the first draft of MIRA HQ on its Twitter.[11]
  • MIRA HQ takes place specifically on the 111th floor of a skyscraper.[12]
  • MIRA HQ was originally planned to take place underwater.[13] However, the skyscraper theme was decided on later in the map's development.[14]
  • In the Quick Chat interface, MIRA HQ is shortened to "Mira".
  • In Freeplay mode, the controlled character spawns in Cafeteria instead of Launchpad.
  • MIRA HQ is the only map which has no unique sound effect or music during ejection.



Customize.png If you want to see the gallery of MIRA HQ, click here.


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