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Make Burger is a short task in Among Us, featured on The Airship.


Make Burger is located in Kitchen in the form of a plate. When used, a sheet of paper with five ingredients drawn vertically will appear. When the paper is put away by tapping or clicking it, it reveals several ingredients placed in piles around a central plate (top bun, bottom bun, patty, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce). The burger must be assembled in the correct order for the task to be completed. The player can press the paper again to see the ingredients again.


  • Although the task's name is "Make Burger", and burgers tend to be made and eaten in between buns, the top and bottom buns are not always in the recipe.[1]
    • Likewise, the patty is not always present in the recipe, despite the fact that burgers tend to have some sort of meat or meat substitute in them.



The sounds played when grabbing/dropping a bun.
The sounds played when grabbing/dropping a piece of lettuce.
The sounds played when grabbing/dropping an onion slice.
The sounds played when grabbing/dropping a patty.
The sounds played when grabbing/dropping a tomato slice.


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