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It's been a very exciting time for us the past few months! We've absolutely loved seeing everyone enjoying Among Us! Forte has been working hard to get the servers adjusted to deal with the huge influx of players. Thank you so much for bearing with us through these growing pains.

—Marcus Bromander

Marcus Bromander, known online as PuffballsUnited, is the co-founder of Innersloth and was born September 9, 1990. He is the creator of Polus, the third map available in Among Us. He also does most of the art in Among Us along with Amy Liu. Marcus is best known for creating the popular old series of flash games, the Henry Stickmin series, which features a handful of Among Us references and easter eggs.



Marcus Bromander started his career as a game developer with Breaking the Bank, the first game in his famous Henry Stickmin series in 2008. From 2010 to 2015, he created the other games in the series, which were released on Newgrounds and Stickpage.

In 2017, Marcus announced that he was starting work on the series' final game, Completing the Mission, and also announced that it would be available alongside The Henry Stickmin Collection, which also featured remastered versions of all previous entries in the series. This collection, published by Innersloth, was released on Steam on August 7, 2020.