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This article is for the location on the first three maps.
For the similar location on The Airship, see Medical.

MedBay is a location in Among Us on The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus.


When near MedBay in The Skeld or MIRA HQ, players will hear the sound of a heart-rate monitor steadily beeping. This sound gets louder if players move towards the scanning pad.

The Skeld

On The Skeld, MedBay is a medium-sized room that contains a vent, a scanner, and four hospital beds. It houses two tasks, and its vent leads to the vents in Security and Electrical.


On MIRA HQ, MedBay is a medium-sized room that contains a scanner and seven futuristic hospital beds. It houses two tasks and a vent that directly leads to Locker Room and Balcony.


On Polus, MedBay is a medium-sized room that is only mentioned in the task list and the Task Tester 2000. Otherwise, it is encompassed by Laboratory. It contains a scanner and four hospital beds. The beds look like they have a table next to them. It also contains two tasks.


The Skeld

Name Stages Task Type
Submit Scan 1 of 1 Long
Inspect Sample 1-2 of 2 Long


Name Stages Task Type
Submit Scan 1 of 1 Long
Accept Diverted Power 2 of 2 Long


Name Stages Task Type
Submit Scan 1 of 1 Short
Inspect Sample 1-2 of 2 Long



Door Sabotage

Impostors can Sabotage the MedBay doors on The Skeld, closing them for ten seconds. This can be useful to lock and hinder Crewmates from completing tasks. This door closing can also aid An Impostor using a vent to kill someone in Electrical or Security by hiding their crime.

Impostors can close the doors in Laboratory in Polus but Crewmates can still go there from Specimen Room via Decontamination.


The Skeld

On The Skeld, there is a vent in the bottom-left corner of MedBay that leads to Security and Electrical. Its most common usage is traveling through a vent entered in Electrical, but entering the vent in MedBay can be useful.


On MIRA HQ, there is a vent at the bottom of MedBay that connects directly to Balcony and Locker Room.


  • Submit Scan is always located in MedBay and can confirm whether or not a player is a Crewmate, as long as visual tasks are enabled in the game's options. However, Impostors can kill Crewmates while they are completing the task.
  • On The Skeld, the top-left bed has what looks to be a folded blanket in addition to a pillow, while the others have only one pillow. This could mean one of the Crewmates at some point was ill, though it is not confirmed, and it is unknown as to who may have been ill.
  • On The Skeld, there is a security camera outside MedBay. A Crewmate watching the cameras can easily deduce if someone is An Impostor by seeing if someone leaves but never went in or vice versa, hinting that the player entered or exited MedBay via the vent in Electrical.
  • The scanner on MIRA HQ used in Submit Scan is slightly different from those on Polus and The Skeld.
  • MedBay's name is a portmanteau of "medical bay."
  • On The Airship, MedBay is not present. However, a location of a similar name, Medical, is present instead.
  • MedBay is one of the locations that has a visual task (Submit Scan), the others being Weapons (Clear Asteroids), Shields (Prime Shields), and Storage (Empty Garbage and Empty Chute).



Description Audio
The main setting sound of MedBay.
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