This article is for the location on The Airship.
For the location on the first three maps, see MedBay.

Medical is a location in Among Us on The Airship.


Medical is divided into two sections. The right section (presumed to be a waiting room) has several chairs, a table, and the Empty Garbage task. The left section is C-shaped and is larger than the right section. It has a panel for Upload Data, a weighing scale, and two beds, with Vitals located in the middle.


The Airship

Name Stages Task Type
Empty Garbage 1 of 2 Long
Upload Data 1 of 2 Short


  • Medical is The Airship's equivalent of MedBay, located on the first three maps in Among Us.
  • The two blenders on top of the desk in Medical are filled with “water but fancy”, as confirmed by Innersloth.[1]
    • If one looks close enough, they will see that the blenders are filled with lemons and limes.
  • Although this room contains no vents, there is a vent located directly outside of it, at the bottom of Cargo Bay.



  1. "extremely specific info no one asked me for". Twitter, Innersloth. February 4, 2021. Retrieved February 4, 2021.
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