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  • My occupation is Minecraft Wiki Admin and YouTuber
  • I am Male
  • Bio Ad astra, per aspera.
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Hey! I'm AzCoy7, but please refer to me as Ceptor or Az. Thanks for stopping by, leave a message.

Please don't spam me or post unnecessary messages on my wall :) is my YouTube channel to avoid repeated questions.

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  • Welcome to
    Hi, I'm an admin on the Among Us Wiki, a community that provides content about Among Us and related games by Innersloth. Thanks for your first edit to Cosmetics.
    • We have rules that are important, which you need to know:
      • Show respect for everyone on the wiki, prevent bullying, insults or another non-civilized behavior.
      • No spam (repeated messages)
      • Do not put fan art at the articles, a good place to put them is the Steam community.
        • We only accept official work from Innersloth or game screenshots.
      • Do not share any illegal/malicious links anywhere on the wiki.
      • While editing, prevent false information.
        • Don't put things that haven't been confirmed in the articles.
        • Only put up to date information (unless you are writing a History section)
      • Don't vandalise (attacking articles in an intentional way that is really annoying and disrupts the wiki)
      • If you are uploading an image/video, please try to give it a descriptive name.
    • If you break these rules, me or any of the other Staff will either warn or ban you from the Wiki.
    Still have doubts? Contact the staff or click here to see all the rules.
    Thanks, and have a great time on the wiki!
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