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This article is for the pet.
For the hat, see Mini Crewmate (hat).
Alternatively, for the cosmetic bundle, see Crewmate Pet Bundle.

The Mini Crewmate is a pet in Among Us, included in the Crewmate Pet Bundle.


The Mini Crewmate is a miniature version of a Crewmate that matches the player's color and has a rounded visor.


Name Description Image
Idle Stands still.
Mini Crewmate pet idle.png
Running Follows the player, moving its legs.
Mini Crewmate pet walk.gif
Scared Leans backward while shaking.
Mini Crewmate pet scared.gif
Sad Sits on the ground.
Mini Crewmate pet sad.png


  • Impostors are still able to have a Mini Crewmate equipped, despite the pet's name.
  • If Fortegreen has a Mini Crewmate, it will appear as Red's.
  • The Mini Crewmate is the only pet in Among Us to change its appearance based on which color the player plays as, and one of three cosmetics to do so.
  • On the loading screen, a Fortegreen Mini Crewmate can be seen.
  • In promotional artwork for Among Us's pets, the Mini Crewmate is present and owned by Yellow, who also has a robot.
  • Since version 2021.6.15, the Mini Crewmate's shadow is placed incorrectly when its owner dies.