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Monitor Tree is a short task in Among Us, featured on Polus.


To complete the task, the player has to adjust the four colored sliders to match the certain required levels of CO2, NUTRI, RAD, and WATER, which are marked by dotted white lines. When the player matches a slider to the required level, the line matched will turn green. Once the player moves all the sliders to the proper levels, the task is finished.


  • The labels of each slider seem to match the actual needs of a tree: low amounts of CO2, high amounts of nutrition, minimal amounts of radiation, and high amounts of water.
  • The sliders generate sounds, increasing in frequency as the sliders get higher and decrease as the sliders get lower.
    • On a musical scale, the range from the lowest pitch to the highest would result in a perfect fifth.
  • The sounds for the CO2, nutrition, and water sliders are similar to 8-bit square, triangle, and sine music effects, respectively.
    • The sound stored inside the game is a D music note for all sliders.



The sound played as the player adjusts the CO2 slider.
The sound played as the player adjusts the nutrition slider.
The sound played as the player adjusts the radiation slider.
The sound played as the player adjusts the water slider.