Or maybe just take a nice shortcut...

—Reginald in The Airship Trailer

The moving platform is an object on The Airship in Gap Room.


The moving platform is a gray, metal platform held up by a small fan. There is yellow railing around the edges. Players can use the moving platform if close enough to ride on it. Only one player may be on the moving platform at a time. The kill cooldown is paused when An Impostor is on a moving platform. When players are on a moving platform, they are also unable to open the personal map.


  • The moving platform is the second new transportation method announced for The Airship, the first being ladders.[1]
  • If a Crewmate is killed right before they board the platform, their dead body will stay put and float in mid air, making it unable to be reported.
  • If a Crewmate is killed as soon as they use the moving platform, their ghost will ride it while their dead body stays behind.
  • Players cannot jump off a moving platform.
  • When asked about the official name for the moving platform, one of the developers responded that their personal favorite suggestion for it is "fuhfuhfuh".[2]



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