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The Nintendo Switch edition of Among Us is a port on the Nintendo Switch. It was released on December 15, 2020 and was ported by PlayEveryWare. The online functionality requires a Nintendo Switch Online membership and a Nintendo Account. It supports the Switch's TV mode, tabletop mode, and handheld mode.

Development and Release

The Nintendo Switch edition was initially announced on the Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase on December 15, 2020 and was released on the same day.[1]


Button Action
Button X.png
Button Y.png
Button A.png
  • Use (Crewmate)
  • Sabotage (Impostor, will turn into other abilities such as Admin if close enough to the interactive object)
  • Select menu options
  • Enables input from the gyroscope or analog sticks in certain tasks
Button B.png
  • Cancel
Analog Left.png
  • Move character
  • Input, used in some tasks
  • Navigate menus
  • Used to move the Cursor
Analog Right.png
Trigger ZL.png
Trigger ZR.png
Trigger L.png
Trigger R.png
  • Complete certain tasks
  • Used to move the Cursor
  • Used to fix Avert Crash Course
  • A scrapped early rendition of touch controls or button-based control for tasks
  • Exists in the How to Play section as a visual aid


  • There is a bug in the Nintendo Switch edition that causes the online search filters for games to reset whenever the game is opened.
  • Before advanced controller and touch controls were added, a cursor was put in place to be used for most tasks. It was moved using the gyroscope or the left analog stick. It was later scrapped, but it can still be found in the game's files. It can be found during natural gameplay in a variety of ways.
    • While in the lobby, press R to open the chat UI, press Plus to open the settings menu, then press R again to close the chat UI. If performed correctly, the cursor will appear. It is between the UI and the text, and it can be controlled via gyroscope controls or by moving the left analog stick.
  • Due to hardware limitations, local play on Nintendo Switch edition is limited to 8 players.
  • When Among Us was first released to the Nintendo Switch, The Airship was accidentally released and players could play the map early. Players were also able to select the 13 hats included in The Airship skin bundle. However, this was later fixed by Innersloth.
  • When skins were initially added to the Nintendo Switch, players were once again able to select the 13 hats included in The Airship skin bundle. They were also able to select the 3 skins included in the bundle. This was patched shortly after.


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