Online is a game mode in Among Us, selectable on the main menu. Similar to local, these games are created by hosts, consist of a lobby before the game starts, and allow other players to join. These games are hosted via an internet connection and allow any player within the host's selected region to join.


Online games are divided into three currently available regions. Each player can change their region at anytime, and the available regions are North America, Europe, and Asia.

Online games have some game options that can only be toggled when creating the game. These options include the map played on, and the maximum number of players who can join. All other options can be adjusted via customize in the lobby by the host.

There are two types of online games: public and private. Public online games can be joined by any player under the "Find Game" menu option, while private online games require a code to join. By default, each online game is set to private, but can be toggled at any time within the lobby.


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  • North America
    • Texas and California (United States)
  • Asian servers
    • Japan
  • Europe
    • Germany

Among Us will attempt to attach a player to the closest region, but in Among Us v2020.9.1 or later, there is a region button in the lower right of the online menu for changing the region manually. If a game cannot be found, it may be in a different region. Game codes cannot be used for regions the player is not in. For example, a game code for Europe would not work for North America or Asia.

The current status of servers can be found in the #server-status channel in the Innersloth Discord server.


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