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Open Waterways is a long task in Among Us, featured on Polus.


Crewmates must travel to either Boiler Room in the bottom left of O2 or Outside near the left door of Office to begin this task. The map will display the first valve as being the one on the right in Boiler Room, and the last valve as being the one located Outside, but they can be done in any order.

The valves must be turned counter-clockwise to make the water in a pipe flow to the top. The speed of the water increases as the valve is turned, meaning this task can be done without turning the valve much at all, but it is much faster to turn it all the way.


  • The valves can be turned clockwise, but doing so will decrease the flow of water and, therefore, not complete the task.
  • Crewmates can complete the stages in the order of place they want; either from Outside to Boiler Room, or vice versa. This is, as of the current update, the only task where doing so is possible.
  • Previously, the valve near the Office could be used through the walls of Admin. This made the task slightly safer, as players could avoid standing near the vent outside. However, this bug was removed in update version 2020.11.17
  • The player can exit the task midway without losing progress. However, they must turn the valve upon resuming to complete it.



The sound played when the task is opened.
The sound played when the wheel is turned.
The sound played as the water is flowing.