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Outside is a location in Among Us on Polus and The Airship.



Outside is the planetary base's outer area, being located practically from the right exit of the Office, with a lava pit, several pilasters of climatic modules, among other things. A metal plank leads out to the lava used when a player is ejected. However, while playing, players cannot fall into the lava. This area can also be seen through the security cameras.

The Airship

On The Airship, there are two Outside locations: one accessed from Viewing Deck, and another from Security. From Viewing Deck, Outside is a small, square balcony with a wooden plank extending from the balcony. From Security, Outside is a larger balcony with stairs leading down to the right. At both locations, there is a panel for Upload Data, and The Airship's engine can be heard as clouds move by.



Name Stages Task Type
Record Temperature 1 of 1 Short
Fix Weather Node (TB, IRO, PD, GI) 1 of 2 Long
Fix Weather Node (CA, MLG) 1 of 2 Short
Fuel Engines 1B/2B of 1A-2B Long
Open Waterways 1–3 of 3

(designated: 3)


The Airship

Name Stages Task Type
Upload Data 2 of 2 Long




The Seismic Stabilizers are located Outside. There are two Stabilizers; one on the northwest of the map and one on the northeast. Like the Reactor Meltdown, two players must simultaneously place their hands on the panels at both locations to resolve the Sabotage, resetting the stabilizers. The Sabotage has only one minute to be fixed. If the Crewmates are unsuccessful, The Impostors win.


There are six vent holes located Outside, including:


  • Two of the tasks located Outside on Polus are not labeled as being Outside in the task list.
  • South of the Specimen Room on Polus, there is a dead snow Crewmate's body, complete with a bone sticking out. This could mean that the snow Crewmates are discussing the dead body, along with whom of them is The Impostor.
  • On Polus, Outside has the most vents of any location, containing six.
  • On The Airship, Outside is only mentioned in the task list. While Outside, either "Viewing Deck" or "Security" is displayed at the bottom of the screen, depending on where it was accessed.
  • In version 2021.3.5, the textures of the floors and the lava of Outside on Polus glitched on iOS, causing them to disappear. This bug has since been fixed.
  • The main ambience sound that can be heard when near the lava pit on Polus is similar to Kitchen on The Airship.
  • Outside on Polus is one of the two locations that have interconnected vents. The other location is Gap Room on The Airship.



The main ambience sound of Outside on Polus.
The main ambience sound of the lava pit on Polus.
The main ambience sound of Outside on The Airship.