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Oxygen Depleted is a critical Sabotage in Among Us, occurring on The Skeld and MIRA HQ.


Oxygen Depleted is caused by An Impostor when clicking the O2 icon on the Sabotage screen over O2 on The Skeld, and in Greenhouse on MIRA HQ. When this Sabotage is activated, players have 30 or 45 seconds to repair it, depending on the map. Players must enter a security code at panels in two different rooms to resolve the Sabotage. The code can be found at both panels, written on a sticky note. It will display a blinking word "OK" if the code is entered correctly, and if the code is entered incorrectly, it will display "BAD", blinking as well. As with all other Sabotages, both living Crewmates and Impostors can resolve Oxygen Depleted, and the emergency button cannot be used.

On The Skeld, Oxygen Depleted is resolved in Admin and O2. On MIRA HQ, it is instead resolved in Greenhouse and an unnamed hallway between Launchpad and MedBay.

If players fail to resolve the Sabotage in time, the Crewmates run out of air and The Impostors will be victorious. The only way to resolve this Sabotage without entering the code at both panels is for a body to be reported, which will end the Sabotage and start an emergency meeting as usual.

The code is never different in a single Sabotage, meaning that the code in one location is the same as the code in the other. It can be possible to have a single player resolve the Sabotage, but that could depend on the player speed in the options, and where the player is when the Sabotage starts.


  • On The Skeld, Oxygen Depleted is the only Sabotage resolved in two different locations.
    • On MIRA HQ, Oxygen Depleted is one of two Sabotages resolved in multiple locations, along with Comms Sabotaged.
  • The code to resolve Oxygen Depleted is randomly generated whenever Oxygen Depleted is enacted and is the same for both panels.
  • Players have 15 more seconds to fix Oxygen Depleted on MIRA HQ compared to The Skeld. This is most likely due to the distance between the two panels, located at near opposite ends of the map.
  • If the code begins with at least one zero, the zeroes do not have to be pressed in order to resolve Oxygen Depleted.
  • Oxygen Depleted is the only critical Sabotage that has a unique icon on the Sabotage screen, as all other critical Sabotages use the same one.
  • In Among Us, Oxygen Depleted is referred to as 'NoOxyTask' in the game files.[1]



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