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The personal map is a mechanic in Among Us that allows players to view their location and locate their tasks within a game.


Upon tapping or clicking the personal map in the top-right corner, a blue map will be displayed. The personal map can be opened on the Nintendo Switch version of Among Us by pressing ZL. A player icon of the same color as the player will represent where they are. It has a similar appearance to player icons beside messages sent in the chat.

The exclamation mark that indicates the location of tasks on the personal map.

The tasks of any locations are represented by yellow exclamation marks. If the task has multiple stages, the exclamation marks indicating tasks will blink every 1 second. These marks will be absent during Comms Sabotaged on the personal map, for both Crewmates and Impostors, unlike on the task list.These marks will also disappear whenever a desired task is completed.


  • The exclamation marks indicating task locations are also visible to Impostors, which can assist them in pretending to complete tasks.
  • In early versions, the Sabotage button used to take the place of The Impostor's personal map button.[1]
    • Because of this, Impostors did not have a map showing them where to fake their tasks.
  • The personal map cannot be used by Fortegreen in game.
  • The personal map is unaffected by the temporary April Fools update. However, it reverses the direction the player is going in. For example: If the player goes right, it will show them going left.



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