Pets were added in the 2019.6.12 update. Pets follow their owner around until they die or if the game ends. They react to their owner being killed during the kill animation. Due to the exclusion of the shop on the Nintendo Switch edition of Among Us, all pets are currently unobtainable on the system.

List of Pets

Bundle Name Pet ID Image
Bedcrab pet bundle Squig 9
Bedcrab 10
Brainslug pet bundle Brainslug 1
Hamster pet bundle Dog 3
Hamster 5
Mini Crewmate bundle Mini Crewmate 2
Mini Crewmate Pet.gif
Robot 6
Robot Pet.png
Stickmin pet bundle Henry 4
Ellie 8
Twitch Rivals bundle Glitch Pet 11
Glitch Pet.png


  • The Mini Crewmate bundle is the only pet bundle where players receive a corresponding hat along with its purchase.
  • The Mini Crewmate is the only pet to change its appearance based on the player's color.
  • When a Crewmate enters the UI of a task and has a pet, it will move toward them. However, this does not display on other players' screens.
  • Pets of a dead Crewmate are no longer seen by living players, but can be seen by ghosts sitting at the player's location of death. If the player was ejected, their pet will sit at the player's spawn location, visible only on ghosts' screens.
    • When a ghost player with a pet leaves the game, their pet will also vanish.
    • When the player is killed, the pet will vanish for living players. The pet's reaction to the death of its owner can be seen for a single frame.
    • In older versions, this was not the case. The pet of a dead Crewmate was visible to all players.[1]
  • Pets cannot be seen when a player uses a ladder.



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