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Pets are cosmetics that were added to Among Us in version 2019.6.7. Pets follow their owner around until they die or if the game ends. They react to their owner being killed during the kill animation.

List of pets

Bundle Name ID Image
Bedcrab Pet Bundle Squig pet_Squig
Bedcrab pet_Bedcrab
Brainslug Pet Bundle Headslug pet_Alien
Headslug pet.png
Animal Pet Bundle Doggy pet_Doggy
Hampton pet_Hamster
Crewmate Pet Bundle Mini Crewmate pet_Crewmate
Mini Crewmate pet.gif
Ro-Bot pet_Robot
Stickmin Pet Bundle H. Stickmin pet_Stickmin
H. Stickmin.png
E. Rose pet_Ellie
E. Rose.png
Twitch Rivals bundle Glitch Pet pet_test
Glitch Pet.png
MIRA Cosmicube Bushfriend pet_Bush
Polus Cosmicube Magmate pet_Lava
Snowball pet_Snow
Airship Cosmicube Charles Chopper pet_Charles
Charles Chopper.png
Toppat Chopper pet_Charles_Red
Toppat Chopper.png
Arcane Cosmicube Heimerdinger's Poro pet_poro
Heimerdinger's Poro.png
Trick Cosmicube Frankendog pet_frankendog
Innersloth Cosmicube Deitied Guy pet_Cube
Deitied Guy.png
N/A (Xbox-exclusive) Guilty Spark pet_GuiltySpark
Guilty Spark.png
N/A (PlayStation-exclusive) Clank pet_clank


  • When a Crewmate enters the UI of a task and has a pet, it will move toward them. However, this does not display on other players' screens.
  • Most pets display a reaction in the kill animation for Crewmates.
  • Pets of a dead Crewmate are no longer seen by living players, but can be seen by ghosts sitting at the player's location of death. If the player was ejected, their pet will sit at the player's spawn location or, on The Airship, where the player was when the emergency meeting resulting in their ejection was called. This is visible only on ghosts' screens.
    • When a ghost player with a pet leaves the game, their pet will also vanish.
    • When the player is killed, the pet will vanish for living players. The pet's reaction to the death of its owner can be seen for a single frame.
    • In older versions, this was not the case. The pet of a dead Crewmate was visible to all players.[1]
  • Pets cannot be seen when a player uses a ladder.



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