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Pick Up Towels is a short task in Among Us, completed on The Airship.


In Pick Up Towels, the player must enter Showers and use eight specific towels to pick them up off the ground. Then, in the backmost part of the location, the player can drag and drop the towels into a yellow hamper. Once all eight towels are in the hamper, the task is completed.


  • Pick Up Towels has the second-most stages, behind Clear Asteroids with 20 stages.
  • It is possible to put two or three towels into the yellow hamper simultaneously. To do so, pick up a towel underneath at least one other towel and drop it in while balancing the others above it. All three will fall in the basket.
  • Not all of the towels will be picked up during the task, and there will still be some remaining once the player has picked up enough towels to progress the task.
  • In Freeplay, the towels the player is assigned to pick up are reshuffled each time the player resets the task in the Task Tester 2000 interface.
    • Due to the nature of the way picking up the towels affects the overworld, if the player resets the task after having picked up some towels, the hitboxes reactivate, but the towels will not reappear. This results in the player having to pick up invisible towels. It is possible to make all towels disappear this way.
  • A visual glitch exists where the hitbox of where the towels go extends slightly past the hitbox of the basket itself, allowing a Crewmate to slide the towels into the hamper from the bottom instead of from the top.


Description Audio
Sound played when picking up a towel.
Sound played when grabbing a towel to put into the bin.
Sound played when a towel is dropped into the bin.
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